US Coalition in Syria Takes Out Rocket Launchers

Faye Higbee
us coalition

Katyusha rockets were fired at a US base in northeastern Syria known as the Green Village early Wednesday. The day before, Jan 4th, US coalition partners took out several rocket launching sites thought to be used by Iranian-backed militias. As of January 6, with more rockets launched, the US coalition is taking out even more launch sites.

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Coalition forces, acting on credible and actionable intelligence, responded swiftly and fired six rounds of artillery towards the point of origin of the attack just outside Mayadin, Syria. The Iran-supported malign actors fired on the Coalition and SDF from within civilian infrastructure with no regard for civilian safety.

Hours before the attack, Coalition forces observed several launch sites of indirect fire rockets that posed an imminent threat in the vicinity of Green Village. Acting in self-defense, Coalition forces conducted several strikes to eliminate the observed threats.

CJTFOIR Press release (excerpt)
us led coalition

Operation Inherent Resolve- the US coalition

When Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby related the incident in a briefing, he did not say exactly who in the US coalition conducted the strike, and specifically stated it was not an “air strike.” It looks like it may have been a drone strike on the rocket launching positions. Most analysts expect the attacks and counter attacks to increase.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said airstrikes were not used against the launch sites. He did not elaborate.

“One of the reasons these sites were hit was we had reason to believe that they were going to be used as launch sites for attacks on Green Village,” Kirby said. “So clearly our men and women remain in harm’s way and we have to take that threat very seriously and we always have the right of self defense.”

Kirby said he could not comment on which group may have intended to use the rocket sites. The pre-emptive attack on the sites followed two separate incidents this week in Iraq in which explosives-laden drones were shot down before they could attack an Iraqi military base housing U.S. troops in western Iraq and a facility housing U.S. advisers at Baghdad airport.


Explosive-laden drones are a serious problem for US coalition forces. Although the combat mission in Iraq ended in December of 2021, the transition to an “advise and assist” mission was relatively seamless. If it weren’t for the continual barrage of explosive-laden rockets and drones, that is.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the rocket attacks, and there was minor damage – although whether there were casualties in the Iranian-backed militias is unclear.


Featured screenshot: footage of the strike against rocket launchers via lindaikejisblog.

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