US Army War College Caves to CAIR

By Faye Higbee

One of the mottos on the US Army War College in Carlisle, PA is: “Strength and Wisdom.” But a recent incident significantly mars that motto when they cancelled a speech by known Islamic specialist Ray Ibrahim because of pressure from the Philadelphia chapter of CAIR according to the Washington Times.

In a letter in May to College President Army Maj Gen John S. Kem and provost James Breckenridge, CAIR laid out their objections to the speaker.

Ray Ibrahim is a public speaker and author of several books, including a well researched historical book entitled: “Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West.” His speech to the Army War College would likely have included the information that the terrorism of modern Islam is “not an aberration” but a continuation of Islamic history. The book is a historic compilation of information.

CAIR objected, stating, “We also do not believe that there is any benefit in promulgating the inaccurate thesis that Islam is our enemy, as this stereotype only alienates millions of Muslim-Americans.”

In other words, they want history erased. And they’re not about to let anyone talk about that history, and especially not to a government agency or group. What might have been an important and needed session for the US Army War College students was lost because of pressure from the group. Mr Ibrahim says the speech was fully cancelled. The Army War College claims it was just “postponed.”

CAIR and other leftist groups are well known for exerting pressure on government entities to force them to cancel speaking engagements by counterterrorism experts or Islamic experts because they call them “islamophobic” or “racist” or both.

We previously reported on a conference that was cancelled because of threats: “Jihadis, Antifa, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and other leftist groups are using this tactic to shut down groups they don’t want you to hear. They, like the anti-gunners, are threatening, pushing, and lying to corporations to make them cave to their demands. All of this over the truth about Islam and the radical left.”

CAIR, a we have previously reported, is deeply connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as Hamas, from the Holy Land Foundation trial. Are they enemies of the United States? Many in the counterterrorism field would say that there is a long term agenda to destroy this country. If they were legitimate in their quest to be understood, they would have asked to be included in the seminar rather than demanding it be cancelled.