US Army Veteran Refuses to Remove His Trump Hat

US Army veteran Ricardo Garcia is proud to be living in the United States. He’s also a Donald Trump supporter and is also proud to wear his Trump hat – “Make America Great Again.” But on July 30, while grocery shopping at Sam’s Club in Brandon, Florida, he was sucker punched by someone who demanded he take off his hat.

According to Fox13

Ricardo Garcia, 67, said he lowered his head to sneeze while standing in the meat section. A man on one side of him said, “Bless you,” while another man standing next to him gave him a cold stare.

“He said, ‘I can not give you a blessing, because you’re wearing that stupid hat,'” said Garcia.

Garcia said at first, he was confused by the man’s comment.

“[I said] ‘What’s wrong with the hat?’ [He said] ‘That’s a Trump hat,'” said Garcia.

He gave the man a smart reply, saying ‘This isn’t a Trump hat, this is my hat.’ Garcia said the man tried to engage him in a political debate, but he crossed his arms and moved further away, trying to avoid a confrontation.

“I turned my back to him, and suddenly I hear ‘boom!’ A fist or something on the top of my head,” said Garcia.

He felt a pain in the side of his forehead from where he said the man had punched him. 

Mr. Garcia notified the store manager, who called 911. When police arrived, they found the suspect, Patrick Marcus Mickens, 36, hiding in another aisle. He was arrested and charged with assault on an elderly person. He was released on a $2,000 bond. Mickens actually works with veterans…we hope not for much longer.

us army veteran

Patrick Marcus Mickens – Hillsborough county photo

For his part, Mr. Garcia is not afraid to say what he thinks, because Trump isn’t afraid.

“I wear this hat because this is what we need, to make America great… [Donald Trump] tells you like it is, how it is. He fries the hamburger in your hand.” Ricardo Garcia

Mr. Garcia is from Puerto Rico. We don’t know about frying hamburgers in his hand, but we do know that he is the kind of person we need in America. One who loves this nation and is proud to be here.