Update: NYC explosion – 2nd Device Found

By Faye Higbee

Sunday morning dawned with the news that another device was found in NYC after last night’s explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood. The count of people injured rose to 29, and authorities discovered a pressure cooker device about three hours later.

What was described last night as a “dumpster” explosion turned out to be from a “construction tool box” near a garbage canon the street.

“Whoever placed these bombs we will find, and they will be brought to justice. Period. We will not allow these types of people and these types of threats to disrupt our life in New York.” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Pressure cooker device

Fox news reported,

Less than three hours after the explosion, investigators located a pressure cooker inside a plastic bag at West 27th Street that was attached to wiring and a cellphone, a law enforcement source told Fox News. It was not clear what was inside the device. Police advised residents of the block where the pressure cooker was found to stay away from windows facing 27th Street.

Cuomo said the device on 23rd street and the device on 27th street were “both similar in design.”

Early Sunday, police said the pressure cooker had been removed from the area and would be taken to the department’s firing range in the Bronx for further analysis. Pressure cooker bombs placed inside garbage cans were used by the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon in 2013.

By this morning, all of the injured had been released from the hospital.

Any connections?

Authorities do not believe these devices had any connection to the devices at the Marine Charity Run on Saturday. They stated they have not seen any evidence of foreign terrorism…but of course, first they have to find the perpetrators before they can make that assumption.

Let’s look at the “coincidence” – three pipe bombs found along the route of a Charity Run for US Marines, a man goes on a stabbing rampage at a Minnesota mall and ISIS claims responsibility, and two bombs are found in New York – one that is similar to those used in the Boston Bombing.

All on the same day. Things that make you go hmmm.

nyc explosion

Screenshot of Police bomb squad removing the pressure cooker device to the firing range in the Bronx for examination