Update: Murder-Suicide in Orlando Standoff

By Faye Higbee

Sunday evening’s Orlando standoff  that we previously reported, ended in tragedy on Monday evening. All four children were murdered, and the gunman then killed himself. It’s the unfortunate, but relatively predicable end when a criminal is barricaded inside an apartment with 4 young children.

Gary Lindsey, 35, barricaded himself inside the apartment with 4 children, ages ranging from 1 to 11. Two of the children were his, two belonged to his girlfriend. He had an extensive criminal record which included arson, battery, and theft. He was on probation, according to Fox.

When officers believed that one of the children were killed, they entered the apartment at around 9 p.m. Monday evening, but found Lindsey dead in a closet. The standoff had lasted about 20 hours.

The Orlando police officer shot by Lindsey on Sunday was identified as Kevin Valencia, who has only been on the department for slightly less than two years. He is reportedly in stable condition after surgery.

Liberals on Twitter went off the deep end, blaming police for not entering the apartment sooner, and guns because “guns did it.” June 12 is the “anniversary” of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, which helped trigger their responses. They don’t get a voice in this article.