Update Colleyville Synagogue: All Hostages Safe, Suspect Dead

Faye Higbee
colleyville synagogue

The suspect in the Colleyville Synagogue incident was confirmed to be a British national. One hostage was released unharmed earlier in the afternoon. The 12 hour standoff ended on Saturday night after the FBI hostage rescue team stormed the building in an effort to free the remaining hostages. All hostages are safe, the suspect is dead.

Update: The suspect’s name was Malik Faisal Akram. The FBI is taking a great deal of “heat”for chataracterizing the attack as ‘not related to anti-semitism.’

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The FBI’s Hostage Rescue team was flown in from Washington DC to assist with the situation, and is reportedly the team that stormed the building.

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker issued a statement after the Colleyville synagogue situation was resolved:

The hostage taker, who was not named, demanded the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman being held at a medical facility nearby as we previously reported. Although he claimed to be her “brother,” that has not been confirmed. He had a British accent, according to those who were able to listen to the livestream before it was removed. Nicknamed “Lady Al-Qaeda,” she was convicted of attempting to kill members of the military who were assigned to interview her in Afghanistan.

In 2008, she was detained by authorities in Afghanistan. American officials said they found in her possession handwritten notes that discussed the construction of so-called dirty bombs and that listed various locations in the U.S. that could be targeted in a “mass casualty attack.”

Inside an interview room at an Afghan police compound, authorities say, she grabbed the M4 rifle of a U.S. Army officer and opened fire on members of the U.S. team assigned to interrogate her.


CAIR said it condemned the hostage taking, but has worked to free Siddiqui for a long time because they say she’s mentally ill and a political prisoner. A political prisoner with a desire to kill…


Featured screenshot via WFAA

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