Update: Canadian Truckers

Faye Higbee
canadian truckers

In the fight for freedom at our neighbors in the North, there is a giant warning for American politicians: back off or you could be next. As for what is transpiring in Canada, let’s have a look at the Canadian truckers who have literally taken over the city of Ottawa.

UPDATE: GoFundMe has confiscated the $10 Million for Canadian Truckers, saying that they have become an “occupation” rather than a protest.

This remains a very volatile and very dangerous demonstration…We’re also working with all three levels of government to affect a safe, timely and lawful end to this unlawful and unacceptably dangerous demonstration.

Ottawa Police on Twitter

“Unlawful and unacceptably dangerous.” Sounds a lot like Justin Trudeau’s words, doesn’t it? But the fact is, the Canadian truckers have provided more assistance to the folks around them than the government has done. There have been very few “dangerous” incidents and many more favorable ones, in spite of what the Ottawa Police say. These “dangerous” truckers held a hockey match on the frozen streets of Ottawa a couple of days ago, but the streets were closed, so why not?

The Canadian truckers fed the homeless and conducted themselves with peace and dignity. They picked up trash in the grounds where they stayed (BLM doesn’t do that, if you recall). Ottawa Police said that two people were arrested, and 13 more investigations were supposedly underway. One person was arrested for “Criminal mischief” and the other for allegedly bringing a weapon to a government meeting. The police have been somewhat Jekyll and Hyde – one minute seeming to stand with the truckers, and another threatening to bring in the military.

Ottawa’s chief of police suggested Wednesday that the Canadian Armed Forces might have to be called in to handle the lingering protesters in the Canadian capital.

Canadian Authorities May Use Military to Clear ‘Freedom Truckers’ From Capital City ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

Truckers even worked to clean off the sidewalks to keep people from slipping.

Of course, the mainstream media just can’t handle a peaceful protest unless it’s done by anarchists like BLM or Antifa, so they’ve made everything look like something else entirely. One outlet said there were only 250 people left on Parliament Hill, which must have been the observation of an Ostrich with its head firmly stuck in the snowbank. The fact is, aside from a few renegades here and there, this was a peaceful protest. No one set any businesses aflame, no one beat anybody senseless, and in spite of Trudeau’s claim, there was no racism. An eyewitness told us, “4 people had swastika flags and 1 had a confederate flag. They were boo’d, screamed at and told to get lost! They left. The media photographed them and claimed those 5 represented the ‘typical protester.'”

And there you have it. When police attempted to have tow companies remove the trucks, the tow truck drivers all suddenly came down with “Covid.” What the mainstream media is telling you is incorrect. Even the Alberta Provincial leader stated that he plans to dump vaccine passports this month. Trudeau and his police appear to be the biggest roadblock to freedom in Canada.


Featured screenshot via Storyful

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