Update Atilis Gym Closure – Still Fighting New Jersey

By Faye Higbee

Bellmawr, NJ – Atilis Gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti opened their gym in violation of Gov Phil Murphy’s draconian orders last week, as we previously reported.  By Wednesday night, the Health Department posted a closure order on their door.  They re-opened on Friday, but then they were served late Friday with a court order. They had to remain closed over the three day weekend. (CBS)

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The Atilis Gym was open for a few days last week, with extreme measures being taken to ensure member’s safety.  On Wednesday the Health Department shut them down, due to a suspicious “flooding” of their floors from paper towels crammed down the toilet. The shutdown order was described by their attorneys as “flimsy” and a violation of their Constitutional rights, so they reopened again on Friday morning. But by Friday night, the Governor had gone to a state court to obtain a judge’s order to shut them down.

Calling Gov Murphy a “slimeball,” Ian Smith stated that they are planning an emergency injunction in Federal Court for Tuesday. Not only have the two owners been cited for opening, but some of members have been cited as well (and one arrested).


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All good guys. We apologize for the bumpy ride but we’re winning this. Federal court on Tuesday, we’ll see y’all real soon!

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They hope to reopen on Wednesday if the court issues the emergency injunction.

In an appearance on Fox and Friends, they mentioned that the locks on their gym were actually changed by the state.

Their fight is similar to gyms, churches, and other small businesses across America, particularly in states run by Democrats that refuse to release their stranglehold on small business owners.

If large stores such as Walmart can open following CDC guidelines, why not smaller venues? The Health Department reportedly never inspected the Atilis Gym, never accessed the building to see what the owners had done to keep their patrons safe. Machines were regularly cleaned, members had to fill out a medical questionaire, only a certain number of people were allowed in at the same time, and their temperatures were taken, as well as the building being closed to nonmembers.

Were the paper towels crammed in the toilet an “accident?”  It’s highly unlikely.

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