Under Armour CEO Hammered by Lefties for Saying Trump is an Asset to business

By Faye Higbee

Pro-Military Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank believes that the climate for business in the US is going to get better under President Trump. He met with the President, along with numerous other business leaders in January to discuss business in America. On Tuesday, he spoke on CNBC’s Fast Money Halftime Report, saying that he was a big fan of the President Trump, and that he was a “real asset to the country.”

“To have such a pro-business president is something that is a real asset for the country. People can really grab that opportunity… He wants to build things. He wants to make bold decisions and be really decisive…

I’m a big fan of people that operate in the world of ‘publish and iterate’ versus ‘think, think, think, think, think.’ So there’s a lot that I respect there.” Kevin Plank

No Free Speech in America

You’d have thought he endorsed ISIS by the flood of nastiness that ensued from the left.  Even Steph Curry of the NBA got into the ‘hate Trump-Kevin Plank-Under Armour’ act. It’s a constant state of bullying for these people- and THEY are the hatemongers, not Donald Trump.

“I’m pretty fed up with these Anti-Trumpers…. Please go to Under Armour and show them some love!#nomorepoliticalbullying” Kris Paronto

We are too, Kris. As usual, Under Armour tried to issue a statement explaining Plank’s remarks, which never does any good when the hate mongers are out on intimidation patrol.

The Under Armour statement read in part:

At Under Armour, our culture has always been about optimism, teamwork, and unity. We have engaged with both the prior and the current administrations in advocating on business issues that we believe are in the best interests of our consumers, teammates, and shareholders. Kevin Plank was recently invited at the request of the President of the United States, to join the American Manufacturing Council as part of a distinguished group of business leaders. He joined CEOs from companies such as Dow Chemical, Dell, Ford, GE and Tesla, among others to begin an important dialogue around creating jobs in America. We believe it is important for Under Armour to be a part of that discussion. We have always been committed to developing innovative ways to support and invest in American jobs and manufacturing…

The statement read that the company worked in “policy, not politics,” and tried to explain to them the diversity in their company.  The left – who are now referring to themselves as “the resistance”- are nothing more than bullies who want only their own way at the expense of America.

Under Armour is pro-military, pro-veteran. There really are more of us than there are radical leftists, in spite of their noise. Under Armour will survive and thrive…and Kevin, no more trying to explain yourself. Stand up to it.

Examples of the left-wing nasties: