Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Teaming Up With Companies for Hurricane Irma Prep!

By Faye Higbee

Predator Motorsports, Inc and Hummer Off-Road Experiences of Orlando, as well as Bat Defense are teaming up with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children in preparation for the Florida landfall of Hurricane Irma.

That’s a BIG Hummer! Tank with Dan and Ken


Predator Motorsports,Inc is an exclusive Hummer Accessory Manufacturer. In addition to regular Hummer owners, they do high end builds as a defense contractor.

They operate a Predator Tac-Ops Tactical Off-road Course for SOCOM. That program is run by CFO Dan Wilson, who was a test pilot for top-secret jets.

In short, all things Hummer…these guys know exactly how to make the parts necessary to do whatever the customer needs done.

“Weeks after 9/11 Predator was contracted to develop extended range system for HMMWV’s leading the war in Baghdad. Within hours prototype systems were developed and sent out for approval resulting in thousands of units being implemented for our armed forces. Today, Predator Diesel has locations worldwide with extensive work in both the commercial and military markets.” Predator website

The company is always active in their communities, from Tampa to San Diego. And that’s how we ended up talking with Garrett Robbins, their sales Rep, about teaming up with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children for Hurricane Irma relief.

Garrett told us that the company has participated in many community/charitable situations, even to helping an organization in California that works to defeat childhood cancer. So they understand helping in times of need…and they’re right with us on this hurricane effort.

Hummer Off-Road Experiences of Orlando

This company has numerous H1 Humvees that are designed to go anywhere- they have tourists or just crazy locals who love to play off road, come and bury the vehicles in the mud and/or water.

They also know about hurricanes. And this one headed for Florida is literally a monster. The people of Florida will have the military, and the companies teaming up with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children who are prepared both practically and mentally to assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

BAT Defense

Jeff Cotto with Bat Defense will also be assisting in the hurricane relief effort. We’ve been with the before and know them to be a solid capable crew when the chips are down. You’ve read about our classes with them for specialized firearms training. Now they will be helping us with the needs of Floridians.