UFC Fighter Helps Take Down Shooter in Houston Restaurant

Faye Higbee
ufc fighter

11:30 p.m. March 14 – Kevin Holland, a UFC fighter, and his friend Patrick Robinson were eating Sushi at a popular Houston restaurant called Ra Sushi, when they heard a sound they thought was a Champagne cork popping. Except that it was accompanied by people screaming and running for the exit. A man had shot a gun toward the ceiling in a restaurant that had 50 patrons present.

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When the shot went off, the person sitting next to the shooter grabbed his hand and tried to keep the gun away. As they struggled, the gun ended up pointing in the direction of Holland and his friend. Holland and Robinson ran to the other side of the restaurant where the struggle was happening, but at first couldn’t tell who was the shooter as the two men struggled on the floor… until they spied the gun.

I come up behind the guy – I grab a chair, I was going to smack him with a chair but when you get to the other side you can’t really see who the shooter is…

We pry the gun out of that guy’s hand. I go ahead and I pull him into my lap and put the hooks in, hit him with a rear-naked choke. As soon as he was asleep, I let go of the choke, slid out on top, got full mount, stretched the arms out so he couldn’t reach for anything, grabbed his backpack and threw his backpack off to the side, made sure the gun was out of play, made sure he couldn’t reach anything, held his head so he couldn’t bite me.

A few minutes later, I ain’t never seen the police pull up that fast so good job to the Houston PD, they got there pretty quick. Handcuffed the guy and you know, it was a wrap.

Nobody got hurt, not even the shooter.

Kevin Holland, UFC Fighter

The suspect was identified as Jesus Edray Cardiel Samaniego, 24, who is from Mexico. He has an extensive criminal record dating back to 2016, according to Click2Houston.

“I wouldn’t tell the next person to do it unless they’re seriously trained for that type of situation. Besides doing cage fighting, I train self-defense first and foremost. For me, that was the best way to defend myself at the moment. Plus, I like Batman.”

Kevin Holland to ESPN

Samaniego was charged with possession of a stolen gun, discharge of a firearm, and drug charges.

Kevin Holland is a UFC fighter who recently made his welterweight debut on March 5 in Las Vegas. Of his last 9 fights, he has only lost 2. A similar situation occurred on October of 2021, when Kevin helped subdue a robber.


Featured screenshot: L-Kevin Holland (UFC) and R- Jesus Samaniego

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