UC Santa Barbara -Students Vote to Disarm Police

By Faye Higbee

Isla Vista, CA – The student Senate at UC Santa Barbara have decided that police officers on campus shouldn’t be armed. Why? Because it causes students to “live in perpetual fear and tension” and “it’s bad for student mental health.” Actually, being in the middle of a real live active shooter situation is worse for mental health. If police are not armed, students think they’ll be able to “de-escalate” any situation.

Sometimes you need bullets to do that.

In an article by Blue Lives Matter, it was reported that the resolution demanding that campus police be disarmed was passed by the student Senate on Feb 27. The sad thing is that not one member of the student Senate voted against it. In the land of unicorns and fairies, there can be no dissenters.

The final decision is in the hands of school administrators.

Do they seriously think they live in a perfect world and all the bad things that happen are the fault of the police?

Five years ago, an active shooter named Elliott Rodger murdered six students and wounded 14 others at the Isla Vista UC campus in Santa Barbara County. No one would have been able to “talk him down.” He was bent on revenge, and murder was his way of coping with perceived slights. He brutally stabbed his three roommates to death, then drove through campus shooting indiscriminately or 8 minutes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

These indoctrinated liberal students are too busy with their Utopian narratives to understand how a disarmed police force is going to help them when someone is shooting real bullets.

So what’s the excuse for that “fear and tension?” In 1970, there was a riot on campus. Police stopped on student who had something they believed was a Molotov cocktail. They claimed “LGBTQ and students of color” were “brutalized” by police.

In 1970.

The student government claimed that police are “overpolicing” events like Deltopia and Halloween. Halloween in specific is a time when crime goes wonky. Everything from vandalism to sexual assault happens on campuses all across the nation. But that escapes these students.

“It should never get to the point where a trained officer has to use their weapon in any sort of capacity to a student… There are a lot of non-lethal ways that a police officer can make sure that a situation doesn’t escalate…It shouldn’t have to be the work of untrained civilians to de-escalate the situation.”
College of Letters & Science Senator Ricardo Uribe

Well gee, at least he said the police were ‘trained.’ The Associated Student Body is set to work on student services that are “not dependent on police intervention” according to The Daily Nexus. They want glorified social workers, not police officers. So why not pull all the police entirely from the campus, disband the department, and let them fend for themselves totally?