UC Irvine’s Hatred for the Flag

By James Tuttle

Breitbart. Com is reporting on a story carried by Fox News about a student leader out of UC Irvine in CA. This leader, Matthew Guevara, states that the American flag, in spaces on the campus, needs to be banned. Mr. Guevara stated, in an interview with Ami Horowitz, that the presence of the flag in certain areas makes people “uncomfortable and unsafe and should be banned.”

UC Irvine

The Firestorm

The story is also carried by the LA Times. The student Legislative Council voted to ban the flag in the student lounge. It initially was passed. Then the backlash ensued. The student Executive council over-ruled that vote and the flag stayed. Some of the wording used to ban the flag is the usual jargon used by people who want to seem more educated than they are.

“Flags,Construct paradigms of conformity. The Stars and Stripes has flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism. The lounge is supposed to be culturally inclusive and while hanging the flag might be seen as free speech in a space that aims to be inclusive as possible can be interpreted as hate speech.”

The American flag is not “hate speech”

I am tired of reading in the news over and over again how this country and what it stands for being labeled as “hate speech” and “racist.” Those that hate this country so much as to desecrate our national symbols and call it oppressive and putting people down. They can all board a train, plane, or ship and leave. Pack your measly sh** and go. Don’t let the doors of Liberty and Freedom hit you on the backside on the way out! You obviously don’t want to be here and “We The People” don’t want you here.

There are very few countries on the face of this earth that would allow you say and act the way you do. Go find them and leave! This country is sick and tired of your whiny feelings of being “oppressed.”Of being “discriminated” by the very country that gives you everything!

Time to take out the trash

In a very short period of time you will find out just how pissed off those of that cherish this nation are. You will have no place to run to nor hide in the coming Revolution. None! You will be counted among the haters and traitors that are so numerous in this society.

It is time to take out the trash! You have a clear choice here. Either you embrace this country, the one that has given you so much, or you leave. NOW! Before it is too late. Your names and your organizations are noted. We know who you are.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for (not really), it doesn’t matter how much your parents made or the schools you attend. We will leave no stone unturned while we root out the evil that lurks. The evil that covers itself with the “righteous indignation” or the “I’m better than you” because of race or financial status. Because of feeling “oppressed by the man.” None of that will matter. What matters is this country!

The freedom factor

This country was founded on freedom. Freedom from being ruled from afar, freedom of  (not from)religion, freedom for every single person. We are free to pursue our slice of the American dream. There have been problems in the past with different races and how they have been treated. Our history has not been perfect. This is not “Utopia.” This country is still a work in progress. We encounter obstacles, we work it out and change and overcome. We grow.

We have come so far in the past and overcome so much,  that it is amazing just how much destruction has occurred in the past 7 years. Yes, there have been problems with the past administrations too, just not such complete contempt for our laws and our Constitution. It’s amazing that our (P)resident claims to be a Constitutional lawyer since he has a complete disregard for it and a blatant in your face destruction of it.

Government is pulling us apart

The stitches that bind the very fabric of this nation in unraveling right before our eyes. It’s not hidden and in the shadows anymore. The wholesale destruction is being carried out by all 3 branches of our government. The malcontents of our society just about jump for joy at every executive decision, at every ruling coming out of the Supreme Court, and the halls of Congress. They are ready and willing to sell their proverbial soul to the devil.

The mere mention of God sends them all screaming into the halls. Wave the Flag and they all start clutching their chests. This administration continues to divide this country.

Stay true to your oath

We will never be defeated from the outside. We will and are being defeated from within. To all the Veterans out there, remember your Oath. To protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I know that the oath I took didn’t have an expiration date. It is still as valid as it was in 1980 as it is now. I will still defend the Constitution even with my last breath.

There is no race, no color, no economic divide. We are Americans. Pure and simple. No hyphen. Colors of Red, White and Blue are the palette of this country. If you don’t like our ways and our heritage feel free to see your way out. “We The People” might even help you pack.