UC Berkeley Staff Member Investigated for Assaulting Milo Fan

By Faye Higbee

One man who participated in the riots at Berkeley, and assaulted a Milo supporter, then bragged about it online, has been identified as a UC Berkeley staff member at the school. An investigation is underway.

Ian Dabney Miller is the staff member who allegedly assaulted a man during the riots, and posted a picture of the victim on Twitter along with the note: “Hey, come get your boy, he just got rocked.”

Breitbart reported,

“WE REP THE BAY,” declared Miller in another uploaded picture. “BICKIN BACK IN BERKELEY,” read another.

“Bickin back” is a slang term created by the Bloods gang, and means kicking or fighting back.

Miller also uploaded pictures celebrating “the traditional burning of the MAGA hat,” and showing off the non-lethal bullets that police fired at violent rioters.

 In other tweets, which can only be found in screenshot-form online, Miller can also be seen boasting about and taking credit for the assault, which allegedly included “a couple of weak shots to the face,” before pushing the attendee over a bike wheel.
It’s bad enough that this guy participated in the riots; why is a staff member using terms that are used by the Bloods gang? The Twitter account @teen_archer uses numerous names. The account is now under the name “Travis Bickle” – a fictional character from “Taxi.” It is a protected account now after he was exposed. At the time of the riots, screenshots show the name as “Eugene V. Dabs,” but a search shows that the person is actually UC Berkeley employee Ian Dabney Miller.
There is also  a Communism subgroup on Reddit created by the name Eugene V. Dabs, but we were unable to directly connect it by anything but name. An archive of Miller’s Facebook page is here and contains anti-Trump posts.
The Daily Caller reported,

Sleuths on Twitter quickly pointed out that the person behind this @teen_archer account was likely a UC Berkeley staff member named Ian Dabney Miller. Further Daily Caller investigation has confirmed that Ian Miller, a UC Berkeley staffer, is indeed the person behind the @teen_archer account that was bragging about getting into fights with Milo attendees and participating in the riots.

In an interview with SF Weekly, Miller, who plays in the band “Kowloon Walled City,” talks about working at the university, saying, “I work at UC Berkeley in advancement communications. There’s really not much to say about it, frankly. It’s incredibly tedious.” It’s the same Ian Miller as the person behind the @teen_archer account, because an archive of the account @teen_archer has the name listed as “Ian Miller” and a bio that reads:

“clawer/chugger in @kowloonwalled, @romancities, & @puigdestroyer. 1/2 of @productiveouts. music, bikes, film, baseball, veganism, radical politics. and kitties.”

The “Teen Archer” store also has his email address listed.

Most strikingly, he recently gave an interview to the New York Daily News, in which he identified himself as a current Berkeley employee and placed himself directly at the scene, saying, “The fuel started pouring out and they set it on fire,” and, “It got really hot.” Finally, a (now deleted) tweet from @teen_archer was embedded in the NYDN story right after his comments.

UC Berkeley says they are aware that a staff member participated in the violent riots at the school. He needs to be fired immediately and arrested for assault.