Two WDBJ7 Journalists Shot and Killed on Live TV (video)

By Faye Higbee

Bridgewater Plaza, Moneta, Virginia — A suspected gunman shot himself this morning in Virginia after he shot and killed two WDBJ7 journalists from their morning show crew. Anchor Alison Parker and Cameraman Adam Ward  were interviewing a person from Smith Mountain Lake’s 50th Anniversary Celebration on live TV.

Vicki Gardner of the Smith Mountain Chamber of Commerce was also shot, and is in stable condition after emergency surgery. She is expected to recover.

The victims of the shooting – WDBJ7 photos

At around 06:45 a.m. Wednesday, Adam Ward, the cameraman, was panning toward Parker and her interviewee, when gunshots rang out and screams were heard. The camera fell and took the following picture of the shooter.


When the camera fell, it took this photo of the shooter – police photo release

The man was identified as Vester Lee Flanigan, aka Bryce Williams, a disgruntled former employee of WDBJ7, who had been let go about 2 years ago because he was “difficult to work with,” according to the station.

The photo taken by the camera and a witness who got the license plate of his rental car are what led police to be able to identify the shooter. The vehicle was located at mile marker 17 on I-66. Flanigan shot himself, though first reported as dead, was actually alive and “still had a pulse” according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office.  He is being reported as dead at this time.

Both the station’s morning show anchor Alison Parker, 24,  and Part-time anchor/cameraman Adam Ward, 27,  were from that area of Virginia. Both were dating coworkers, and Adam and his fiance were planning their wedding.

The members of WDBJ TV media are devastated at the loss of their colleagues.


Bryce Williams- aka Vester Lee Flanigan – photo from WDBJ

The shooter recorded his deed on his cellphone- WARNING Graphic images