Two Texans Arrested in Tewksbury, MA on 45 Weapons Charges

By Faye Higbee

Massachusetts is probably not the best place to display your large number of firearms to police. WRKO reported that Tewksbury police arrested two people on March 24 after one of the them called police about a possible break in to their hotel room. Only when police arrived, they found a large number of firearms and other items…were they having a criminal space moment or were they trying to turn themselves in, or are they nut cases with nefarious intent?

Francho Bradley, 59, and Adrianne Jennings 40, from Frisco, Texas were staying at the Marriott Residence Inn on March 24. Bradley called police to say that someone may have broken into their hotel room when his video feed stopped working while he was away from the room.

Police arrived to find a large pile of rifles, handguns, tactical vests, smoke grenades, etc. According to SOFREP, when they returned to the room, the couple was arrested for:

“8 counts of possession of a large capacity firearm, 19 counts of possession of a large capacity feeding device, 3 counts of possession of a silencer, 8 counts of improper storage of a large capacity firearm, improper storage of a firearm, possession of a firearm without a license, possession of ammunition without a license, possession of a bump stock, and 3 counts of possession of an infernal machine.”


[Infernal machine is defined as “any device for endangering life or doing unusual damage to property, or both, by fire or, explosion, whether or not contrived to ignite or explode automatically and whether or not disguised so as to appear harmless.”]

This is Massachusetts we’re talking about here. Bradley has a valid firearms license in the state of Texas, but that doesn’t cut it in Massachusetts. And his defense was pretty sketchy as well:

The Lowell Sun reported,

When interviewed by police, Bradley said he brought the weapons with him from Texas because he “needed them with him for his mission.”

“Francho went on to say he can’t tell us what he does for work or why he has all the guns with him, but that he is down in this area working for a government agency that is dealing with a virus,” police wrote in a report.

Bradley declined to name the agency or say more because he said the information was classified, according to a police report. Bradley told officers there was no one they could call to verify the information, according to a police report.

At one point Bradley told police he owns Ensyme Engineering, but did not want to comment on what the company does.

Robert Normandin, who represented Bradley at arraignment, said his client is an Army veteran and that Enysma Engineering sells accessories such as communication devices to the military and other clients.

Normandin said the weapons and accessories were “props” that Bradley uses while conducting that business.

Bradley claimed to have worked for the LAPD at one  point, but they couldn’t verify whether that was true. He also claimed to have had a prominent role in the Obama campaign, aswell as the German government, and said that he saved a one star general who was kidnapped a while back.

Police are working to find out why they were in Tewksbury and what their actual intent was. Bradley claimed no ties to the community, yet had a few parking tickets in Cambridge on successive days. His wife claimed that Bradley was in Tewksbury for a “job interview.”

The judge ordered the couple held without bail. Police are continuing to investigate.