In Two Hour Span, 6 Police Officers Shot in Florida, Pennsylvania

By Faye Higbee

It was a tough night for law enforcement, as within a 2 hour span, 6 police officers were shot. One is dead, 5 others wounded in unrelated incidents.

Kissimmee, Florida – Two police officers were shot on Friday, one has died, the other is in grave condition. It may have been an ambush according to authorities.

Everett Glenn Miller, 45, has been charged with one count of first degree murder in the shooting death of Officer Matthew Baxter. Officer Sam Howard remains in critical condition.

Both officers had been on patrol  when Miller opened fire.  Neither officer had the opportunity to return fire. Miller fled the scene.

Later, Deputies with a neighboring agency approached him in a local bar. When he reached toward his waistband, they tackled him and subdued him. TampaBay reports that he was carrying both a revolver and handgun. He was taken to jail wearing the fallen officer’s handcuffs.

Everett Glenn Miller

police officers

Jacksonville, Florida – Two Jacksonville deputies were shot as their unit of 4 or 5 officers responded to the call of a suicidal person. A man exited the residence with a rifle and began firing.

One deputy was shot in the stomach and is listed as critical, the other in the hands according to local 10 news. The suspect was killed.

Fairchance Borough, Pennsylvania– Two Pennsylvania State Troopers were shot and were able to return fire between 8 and 9 p.m. on Friday. The suspect was killed. One officer was shot  in the abdomen, the other in the hand.

Troopers saw a man they believed had a warrant out for his arrest, and stopped him. The man reached into his backpack and drew out a gun and started shooting.  Officers were able to return fire, killing the man.