Twitter Photos of Damage to USS Bonhomme Richard

twitter photos

Twitter photos emerged of the damage to the USS Bonhomme Richard after the fires were finally put out. The interior of the ship reached 1,200 degrees during the fire, which gutted the amphibious assault ship, and excess water from the fire fighting caused it to list. Damage to reached even to the flight deck of the ship.

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Mike Gilday told the Navy Times that the ship could be repaired, but the cost may not be worth it. Other Navy officials noted that the main engineering areas remained untouched, which could be a factor into whether or not the ship can be made viable again. Twitter photos made available online showed massive damage.

Gilday said that they thought the fire was out on Sunday, but  wind and explosions forced the firefighters to retreat. The fire burned for 4 days after it began on Sunday. The fire reached the flight deck and brought down one of the ship’s two masts that held communications and radar (ABC).

The USS Bonhomme Richard was at the San Diego docks to be upgraded so it could take the F-35B fighter jet. Investigations will now be conducted into the fire and its cause. CNO Gilday promised to make them public and that the Navy would be honest about the results.

The Navy Times reported that donations can be made for the Sailors and Marines who lost uniforms and gear. The CNO stated that many of them felt a great loss, since the ship meant a lot to the troops – it would have been the platform from which they fought.

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society in San Diego is accepting uniform items and donations for the Bonhomme Richard crew. Go to to learn more.

All donations are being accepted via the Support the Enlisted Project, 858-695-6810, as is the USO, 619-235-6503.

Here are some of the Twitter photos from inside the ship, all of which came from a military-connected Twitter account. The Navy has authenticated all of the photos, according to the Navy Times.

twitter photos

All photos are from Twitter. The video is from the Military Times.


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