Twin Tower Attack 9-11-2001 and the Real Donald Trump

By Faye Higbee

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children posted a meme that said Donald Trump on present at Ground Zero two days after the horror. But the real story is that he was there on 9-12-2001 – the day after the twin tower attack. And a retired NYPD police officer knows the truth of it, so we contacted him for his story.

Sean Cosgriff is a retired New York City police officer, and US Marine Corps veteran. He, along with two busloads of other retirees, wanted to get to ground zero the day the attack occurred, but were barred from entry because it was “too dangerous.”

The next day, Sean used his shield (badge) to get onto the Staten Island Ferry- which was actually closed and ready to be used for removal of bodies. He got off the boat and stood talking to an FDNY member at the opening to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (now called the Hugh L Carey Tunnel), when they saw a limousine drive up.

It was Donald J. Trump and a security detail, some of which were detectives with the NYPD.

Sean was carrying a bag of dust masks with him. As the future President got out of the limo, Trump said ‘hello’ and Sean asked him if he’d like a mask. He took it, and rather than put it over his head, he simply held it to his face.

“There he was, walking through the wet dust in his expensive shoes… He really cared, and that’s what mattered to me.” Sean Cosgriff

Trump arrived with workers that he paid for himself to help sift through the rubble and look for victims. Sean remembers vividly that his encounter with Trump was on September 12.

Politico previously interviewed Sean about his experience, but they never printed it. Was that an anti-Trump bias?

While we expect Facebook or Twitter may try to censor this story, we want you to know that our President is a generous and caring person. We spoke with a man who was actually there to see him. With constant left-wing trolls calling the meme a fake, we felt that you should know that Donald J. Trump WAS at ground zero soon after that fateful day, and he was there to help.

There are numerous examples of Trump’s generosity and caring. We wrote about Marine veteran Bee Jay Burke’s personal experience of working for him.

The press, the Democrats, the hate mongers have called him every name in the book. We call him the President.

And here is another example from a Maury Povich show from 2000: