Turkey – U.S. Consulate attacked, Heavy Violence

By Faye Higbee

Turkey’s Capitol city of Istanbul came under attack on Monday, as two women opened fire on the U.S. Consulate. The night before, a car bomb was detonated at a police station, and the police who were investigating it came under fire.

U.S. Consulate attacked

The two women fired at the heavily guarded U.S. Consulate, inciting a gunfight with security guards. They then fled the scene. One of the women, Hatice Asik, 42, was wounded in a later exchange of gunfire with Turkish Police, captured and transported to the hospital. The other suspect is still at large.

A police car stands outside the destroyed police station in the Sultanbeyli district in Istanbul on August 10, 2015, after a suspected suicide bomber detonated a vehicle packed with explosives at the police station just after midnight. AFP PHOTO / OZAN KOSE

Hours previously, a car bomb exploded at a police station in the Sultanbeyli District,  killing 3 and injuring 7. One assailant died in the bombing. By Monday morning, a gunfight erupted when officers inspected the damage. One police officer and two attackers were killed in the gunfire exchange.

Sirnak Province was also the scene of violence, as a helicopter carrying Turkish troops was fired on, reportedly by the PKK. One soldier was killed, another injured. Elsewhere in the province,  4  policemen were killed when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb.

A roadside bomb caused this security vehicle to explode, killing 4. Photo via Today’s Zaman

A radical leftist group called the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Army-Front, or DHKP-C, stated that the captured woman, Hatice Asik, was a member of their group, but did not directly claim responsibility for the attacks. They stated on their website that Asik was a “revolutionary” against American oppression, and  that they will work to free Turkey of all American bases.

A group calling itself the HSB, or People’s Defense Union has claimed responsibility for the attacks. It is unknown  if this HSB group is affiliated with the People’s Defense Unit or YPG.

The U.S. Consulate remains closed at this time, but it is still intact and the flag still flies.


The U.S. Consulate in Istanbul

Rounding up militants

Turkey has rounded up 1,300 “terrorists” over the last month. They are members of the PKK- Kurdistan Worker’s Party, DHKP-C , and ISIS.

The DHKP-C is a Marxist organization, according to numerous media outlets, and desires to set up a socialist government. The organization is banned in Turkey, and both the U.S. and Turkey label it as a terrorist group. They have committed violence for almost 30 years against the Turkish government.