Tucson Shootings – 3 First Responders Shot; 2 Others Dead; Suspect in Custody

tucson shootings

The Tucson shootings began at around 3:45 p.m. on Sunday. A house fire on East Irene Vista had ambulances staged at nearby Quincie Douglas Center. An armed 35 year old approached the AMR ambulance and shot one EMT in the head, and another in the arm and chest. The EMT in the passenger seat who was struck twice was able to give a description of the suspect and his vehicle. The EMT is a 17 year veteran of the ambulance crew. Initially, two or three children who were known to live in the house were missing, but were later found safe according to KOLD. Details about where the children were found were not released, but Tucson police had issued a request for the public’s help in locating them.

Update on Tucson Shootings: The suspect was identified as Leslie Stephen Scarlett, 35. He has an extensive criminal record and remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Leslie Stephen Scarlett in a 2016 mugshot

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Screenshot via The Daily Mail

The suspect fled the scene of the Tucson shootings, and drove to the house fire. There he opened fire on firefighters and bystanders, wounding a Fire Captain and grazing one person who lives in the neighborhood. Another neighbor was shot in the head and pronounced deceased at the scene. The suspect fled again. Tucson Police Chief Magnus provided more details during a press conference:

Meanwhile, as the suspect attempted to drive away he encountered an eight-year veteran of the police department traveling towards the fire at an intersection, Magnus said.

“As one of the officers drives up the street, he sees the suspect in the vehicle and the suspect sees him,” the police chief continued. “The suspect then attempted to ram the officer … disabling the police car.” …

As the officer got out of the car, the suspect opened fire. The officer returned fire, critically striking the gunman.

The gunman was taken into custody before being transported to a local hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

The Sun

A badly charred body was found inside the house fire scene, but the gender, identity and relationship with the suspect  have yet to be determined.

Here is the breakdown of the Tucson shootings:

  • 44-year-old south side neighbor dead –
  • Unidentified body dead in house fire –
  • 20-year-old AMR EMT in critical condition –
  • 21-year-old AMR EMT in stable condition
  • TFD fire Captain shot with minor injuries-
  • One neighbor grazed with minor injuries –
  • Suspect 35-year-old male in critical condition


Featured photo: screenshot from Twitter video

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