Tuberculosis: Surging Cases Caused by Misdiagnosis, and Illegal Immigration

Faye Higbee

Tuberculosis has surged, thanks to two factors: doctors who misdiagnosed patients as Covid victims during pandemic lockdowns that restricted access to treatment, and illegal immigration at the Southern border. TB, as it is known, reportedly kills at least 12% of its victims, and is surging, with cases rising more than 9% over the last year. It is airborne and highly contagious.


Texas, California, and Washington State have the highest rates of tuberculosis.

On the other side of Hidalgo county is the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, which serves as a migration waypoint along the northern route to the United States.

Historically, it also has the second highest occurence of TB in the entire country.

During an official study conducted from surveillance data in Tamaulipas from 2006-2013, immigrants comprised more than 30 percent of TB patients. The study also indicated that of the migrants surveyed, the majority specified cities along the U.S. border as their intended destinations…

Meanwhile, California documented 1,750 new TB cases in 2021, which is a 3 percent increase from the previous year. San Diego county, which shares a border with Mexico, continues to boast the highest rate of the disease in the state.

It’s more than twice the national average.

Data from a 2020 study indicated 71 percent of San Diego County TB cases occurred in people born outside the United States.

The disease rate among people born in another country was an astounding nine times higher than in U.S. citizens.

The Epoch Times

Washington state’s outbreak of TB in April was the highest in 20 years. Add to that the fact that certain “hotspots” for drug-resistant tuberculosis are Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus, according to Sarah Fortune, John LaPorte Given Professor of immunology and infectious diseases. Just in time for the influx of new refugees from the Ukraine War. The WHO stated that deaths from the disease have increased for the first time in ten years. The CDC says that around 13 million people may be infected with “latent tuberculosis” which shows no symptoms and has the infection dormant in the body.

Misdiagnosis from the pandemic

As you can see from the graphic in this article, TB symptoms are close to Covid, yet not the same. Tuberculosis has a long incubation period. Without proper testing, people might not even know they have it for months, even years. When medical professionals encountered the lung problems of Covid, they may have missed TB. The lung issues of TB are much longer in duration than Covid.

We have written before about the danger of illegal immigration bringing in disease. The Biden administration appears hell-bent on destroying the United States.


Featured screenshot: active TB in the lungs

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