Trump Pardons Lt Gen Michael Flynn (Finally!)

By Faye Higbee

The President announced on Wednesday that he granted Lt Gen Michael Flynn a full pardon. Although Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell had worked hard to get his guilty plea overturned, Judge Emmett Sullivan continued to block that plan in spite of the higher court’s determination that the case should be dismissed. Presidential pardons are traditional during the President’s terms.

The left, naturally, is livid, reminding people that Flynn pleaded guilty twice and therefore must be actually guilty. Which is not correct. The interrogation techniques used on him were designed to force him into a corner. Remember when the scandal about the FBI’s tactics came to light?

You can read about it at this link, where the FBI deliberately set up Gen Flynn to force him to lie, and twisted him around with their evil scheme. Remember this picture from the previous article?

Presidential pardons

His guilty plea was a set up by unscrupulous FBI agents from the beginning. When the news broke, and AG Bill Barr said the case should be dismiees,  the appeals court agreed. But the Judge at the lower level refused to do so, even with the ruling of the appeals court. So that judge continued to drag Gen Flynn through more and more grief. It was a travesty that simply continued to the man who lost everything.

The left-leaning news media plays up his guilty pleas, and even the apparent disconnect between Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell and her asking the President not to pardon Flynn. She allegedly wanted to make the court formally dismiss the charges instead of the President granting him a pardon. She did recently talk directly with the President on the status of his proceedings. The President has been hinting that he wanted to do this since March.

So General Michael Flynn is now free with a full Presidential pardon. From a stellar military career with a prestigious job to disgraced federal convict, he has had a terribly long four years. WE wish him all the best as he tries to put his life back together.

Featured photo: file of Gen Flynn


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