Trump Nixed Medals for Prosecutors in SEAL Case

By Faye Higbee

President Trump nixed the Navy Achievement Medals given to 4 of the prosecutors in the Eddie Gallagher case. He let stand the awards given to the “legalman petty officers, plus letters of commendations for a gunner’s mate third class, legalman second class and ships serviceman seaman” because they “toiled long hours” on the case.

The Prosecutors who lost the case against SEAL Eddie Gallagher (who I released from solitary confinement so he could fight his case properly), were ridiculously given a Navy Achievement Medal. Not only did they lose the case, they had difficulty with respect to information that may have been obtained from opposing lawyers and for giving immunity in a totally incompetent fashion. I have directed the Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer & Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson to immediately withdraw and rescind the awards. I am very happy for Eddie Gallagher and his family! President Trump

Why Trump nixed the medals:

The Navy says it will do as the President asked. Their achievement? One prosecutor was taken off the case because of a warrantless surveillance of the defense and Navy Times with the help of NCIS. They also manipulated witness statements, sent a “target letter” to keep witnesses from testifying for the defense, and leaked documents to the military in an attempt to “taint the jury pool.” That’s all not counting the attempts to cover it up when they got caught. That is NOT the stuff that deserves a Navy Achievement Medal.

The Navy Times reported (emphasis mine),

The president’s tweets could have a bearing on a hearing slated to begin Friday in San Diego that involves the officer in charge of Gallagher’s platoon in Iraq.

Although a panel already ruled on Gallagher, Lt. Jacob X. “Jake” Portier remains accused of failing to report war crimes the jurors said never happened, part of a cover up by the SEAL chief they believe he never attempted.

Portier’s court-martial trial is scheduled to start on Sept. 3 in San Diego.

Portier’s civilian defense attorney, Jeremiah J. Sullivan III, thanked the president for supporting the sailors who go to war but urged him to take a closer look at the Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps back home.

Calling it “absolutely service discrediting for the Navy to have POTUS strip their awards,” Sullivan urged unnamed JAG officials to “tender their resignations before their names appear in a tweet.”

Navy Times

Maybe if their names did appear in a tweet, the ‘wheels of justice’ would move a little faster.

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