Trump Issues Orders Against Iran, Gets Bashed For Retweeting Iranian Dissident With a Pseudonym

By Faye Higbee

Why the US Navy has tolerated the harassment of Iranian gunboats is beyond us in the first place. But Trump issues orders against Iran to put an end to it: from now on, any Iranian boats that harass US Navy ships are to be fired upon and destroyed. In the midst of doing that, the President retweeted the account of an  Iranian dissident writer who is using a pseudonym. Cue the leftist freak out.

Orders against Iran

These orders against Iran are orders after our own hearts. Mess with the United States and get your ticket punched.

According to Stripes,

“At the Pentagon on Wednesday, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. John Hyten, a former commander of American nuclear and space forces, welcomed Trump’s tweet as a useful warning to Iran.”

Of course, the left hates strength, and anything to do with Donald Trump. And they think they’ve found something to bash him over his retweets.

Leftist furor over retweets

The account name Heshmat Alavi is reportedly a well-published Iranian dissident writer who has columns in Forbes, The Hill, The Federalist and The Daily Caller, on the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya, and on Voice of America’s Persian website. But left wing news media are calling the name a ‘fake’ and saying that no such person exists, but rather belongs to Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), an activist group opposed to the Iranian government, allegedly supported by Washington. They went further and claimed the American media never checks names out. (Al-Jazeera/The Intercept) That’s not exactly accurate, by the way.

Even though the name is a pseudonym, it belongs to a real person. Not that the left cares, they just think they have ammo against Trump.

Al-Arabiya reported,

When contacted at the time, Alavi asked that Al Arabiya English protect his real identity and refrain from publishing his real photograph on articles. “I just wanted to clarify that I truly cannot provide my image,” Alavi told Al Arabiya English by email. “It is out of my hands. I have family inside Iran and if I do provide such a photo of myself this will endanger their security.”

Al Arabiya English reached out to Alavi by phone and email but has received no response.

Iranian dissidents similar to Alavi have been frequently targeted for assassination around the world…

The Heshmat Alavi story seems to be part of a wider information war conducted by factions within the Iranian opposition and the Islamic Republic. Rampant disinformation is a common tactic used by all parties involved. As long as Iranian state actors continue to target dissidents, commentators will continue to use pseudonyms for safety purposes.

The Intercept’s claim that Alavi is a “team of people” ignores the necessity for aliases that many opposition commentators require.

“Al Arabiya English will continue to protect the identity of the individual who presented himself as Heshmat Alavi. By protecting writers, Al Arabiya English can adequately serve readership with stories and opinions from across the region,” said Almannai.”

Al-Arabiya is now using a disclaimer that states that the name is a pseudonym. Of course, leftist a$$hats on social media are bashing the President (what’s new) for retweeting anything Alavi puts out, saying that Alavi is a terrorist (not).

Trump’s Red Line in the Sand – orders against Iran

Obama appeased Iran’s Mullahs. This President not only does NOT appease the repressive regime, he told them in no uncertain terms to back off. Our ships have endured numerous incidents of harassment by Iranian gunboats. We’ve had US Navy personnel captured by the IRGCN. Our Navy has been patient, they’ve shot across the bows of their boats, they’ve again and again warned them with nonlethal means. It’s past time to give the bullies in Iran a bloody nose.

Warnings without action are empty threats. And this President doesn’t draw squiggly lines with a red color crayon in the sand…he uses missiles. And he means business.


Featured photo: screenshot from previous harassment by Iranian boats.


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