Trump: the heavy metal choice.

By Ioannis Stratakis

Trump embodies the qualities of King Arthur and his Round Table Knights, fighting the ever ongoing battles for the Light. Hillary, on the other hand embodies the opposite. He’s the Metal  choice; she’s the leader of the snake cult that is helping to rape our Republic.

Heavy Metal

There is a brilliant article, written by Gregory Hood for Radix Journal, ‘Why Metal is Right-Wing’.  In that article, the author draws a clear distinction between the primary value of the left, which they claim is equality, and the primary value of the right, which is often hierarchy. To paraphrase his own words, even when leftists “Imagine” along with John Lennon, Metal still praises those things that are worthy to kill and die for.

Fighting for what really matters

Metal is the revival of the epic sagas from the frozen north and the tales of Homer from Greece. Especially ‘Epic Metal’ has often been criticized by leftists as racist and xenophobic. Metal contradicts all their foolish beliefs, metal is about seeking glory and excellence, the images projected are those of strength, vitality, self mastery and self glorification.

A tribute and hymn dedicated to those who seek to achieve immortality through adversity, those who wish to be cleansed through fire. The lyrics of the songs (mostly in the Epic and Viking Metal genres) speak about glorious battles, brave heroes facing mighty beasts who roam the land, glorious kings facing vicious warlords, the eternal fight between good and evil etc.

And worst of them all (for the ever whining leftists of course) all these events usually unfold within a-fictional or not-realm inhabited by homogeneous people, aka a nation-state.

The Republic is being raped

For those who do not know, let me tell you a few things about the term Republic. A Republic -from Latin Res Publica which literally translates as ‘public affair’- is a sovereign state or country which is organized with a form of government in which power resides in elected individuals representing the citizen body and government leaders exercise power according to the rule of law.

Nowadays the rule of law in the United States is being viciously raped on a daily basis.

The leader of the snake cult: Hillary

Standing on the front line of the forces of evil/darkness- those that spend their time coordinating these heinous crimes against the rule of law- is their champion, who is none other than Hillary Clinton. She can easily be compared to the evil witch in any fairy tale or (and I do believe this fits her way better) with the leader of the snake cult in the movie ‘Conan.’ If she and the forces of evil that stand behind her have their way, the realm shall fall into chaos.

Trump is like the fictional King Arthur

Opposing her are the forces of light/good with their chosen champion, Donald Trump. He himself is far from holy and definitely not free of sin. Yet as I have mentioned in a previous article, heroes are not holy themselves but what sanctifies them is their determination to fight in the name of good against evil.

Trump at the moment is all of Western Civilization’s Arthur. He has already managed the unthinkable when he pulled the sword from the rock; aka when he won the Republican nomination.

Just like the mythical Arthur, he is not the perfect man and that is why he has his knights by his side to help, to advise and guide him if necessary. He has decided to win this holy war and make sure the realm goes back to the days of peace and prosperity. He may not be ‘good incarnate’ but he proudly marches under its banner, so do all those that are known as deplorables among the forces of evil.

I do not wish to let this realm fall to the hands of the forces of darkness and descent chaos, therefore I stand by the banner bearer of the forces of light. It’s the ultimate battle of good against evil, vitality and strength against sickness and weakness. I picked my side a long long  time ago, probably since the first time I felt the magic overwhelming me while listening a metal song.
Trump 2016, it’s the true METAL choice!