Trump Became First US President To Visit North Korea

We hear a lot from left wingers about how Trump loves dictators, blah blah blah, especially after he joked with Russian President Putin at the G20 in Japan. But what we don’t hear is how the historic moments of his Presidency have affected people worldwide. On Sunday, Trump became first yet again- the first sitting President to set foot in North Korea. It brings hope once again that the relationship he is building with people like Kim Jong Un will one day lead to a new day of peace on the Korean Peninsula. Although that day may be a long way off, it’s a start.

Granted, it was only about 20 steps into the “Hermit Kingdom,” but it was historic. No other President has ever done it. The two leaders then met at the “Freedom House” which was created to do exactly what they used it for today: talk.

President Trump, Kim Jong-Un, and Moon Jae-in President of South Korea at the DMZ

Fox reported,

With wide grins and a historic handshakePresident Trump became the first sitting U.S. leader to set foot in North Korea when he took 20 steps into the Hermit Kingdom on Sunday.

Trump shook hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as he crossed the low stone curb separating the North and the South at around 3:45 p.m. local time. The event in the Demilitarized Zone — which also included a roughly 50-minute meeting behind closed doors — marked a return to face-to-face contact between the two leaders after talks broke down during a summit in Vietnam in February.

Immediately, the left started screaming that Trump was screwing up. But a lot of things good can happen if some of the previous barriers are broken down. If Kim Jong Un really does “understand” Trump like he says, then he knows that making him angry is not a good idea. The sanctions remain in place against North Korea – if he wants them removed he’ll have to make some headway.

The two sides agreed to restart the talks by naming a team to meet together. Meanwhile…

New Press Secretary fought for the Press Pool…literally

As armed North Korean security tried to block the
US Press from the moment, there were a skirmish in which our new White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, was jostled around as she intervened to give the US press pool better access, according to msn. It was likely a surprise to the news folks that the woman who supposedly hates the press suddenly intervened to help them.

“The North Korean security was a little overzealous, at times trying to block US reporters’ view…” Jennifer Jacobs, Bloomberg

So there it is, another milestone for the President. Trump became first to set foot in North Korea.

Featured photos: screenshots via Fox News