Trump Accomplishments – More Than You Think

By Faye Higbee

Trump Accomplishments – You may think he hasn’t been able to do anything since he took office, but you’d be wrong. Steadily pulling back on the overreach of the previous administration, he has managed to accomplish amazing things. Putting issues back in the hands of Congress where they belong, pulling the plug on job-killing regulations for industry/business, freeing up the miilitary from the micro-managing practices of his predecessor…he has accomplished much in just a few short months.

Let’s take a tour through just a few of the accomplishments:

Trade agreements

Right after he took office in January, President Trump terminated the TPP- Transpacifc Trade Agreement, to the delight of many US businesses. Why? The regulations inside that agreement would have forced US businesses into untenable positions, handcuffing them to an agenda that would have continued to destroy jobs. He also did several other things within his first week as President, which you can read here.

You get the drift. It’s now about the United States and our sovereingty, not about other countries and their agendas.

Department of Homeland Security

Illegal immigration has been a costly issue for America. Both House and Senate passed the No Sanctuary for Criminals act targeting Sanctuary cities. There’s been a court fight over that bill, but in essence, federal funding for cities that decide they are “sanctuaries” for criminals are going to lose federal funding.

Trump took the handcuffs off the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, telling them to arrest illegal immigrants instead of the catch and release policy of the Obama Administration. Deportations are up 34% and DACA (Dreamers) renewals are down 21%. As of October, 30 foot concrete slab prototypes for the wall were erected along the border.


Trump removed the Obama-era restrictions on the US Military, allowing commanders to make the decisions. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has been allowed to delegate command decisions to field commanders who actually know what’s going on. ISIS has been at least 95% destroyed in the Middle East…something promised by Mattis at the outset when he stated the new policy would be “annihilation.”

There have been new rules of engagement employed and troops no longer have to be shot at first. Then there was the MOAB dropped on a Taliban tunnel in Afghanistan back in April. You could almost hear the cheers.

We’ve written extensively about the changes in the military. Although there are still Obama holdovers seeded in the ranks, we can hope that those will eventually be rooted out.

There are numerous accomplishments and hope from this President in spite of the obstructionist actions of the Democrats. The fake left-wing news media has been outed. The Stock Market has been at all time highs. Businesses have hope and are hiring again as unemployment is lower than it has been in decades. Industries, businesses are finally moving forward. ISIS is being decimated.

The list of possibilities is too lengthy to write here. but the best of all…Trump’s Tweets freak out the liberals.

You can review the full list of accomplishments at this website (which was recently hacked, by the way, so some of the links are not working properly. Gee wonder who would do that?):


Featured photo: screenshot of the President