Trump 2016 Chalk Marks “Traumatize” Emory U Students

Trump 2016 Chalk Marks “Traumatize” Emory U Students

Emory University students complained to Jim Wagner, President of the school, that the words “Trump 2016” on the sidewalks and steps of the school are “intimidating.” And he has started an investigation that will  “track down” those responsible for the markings.

Oh, Grow Up

The left-wing news media coupled with cowardly liberals have done their job well. One student said she was in “fear of her life” and that she thought a “KKK rally” was going on. Another thought a mass shooting was going to occur on campus. They complained that they were intimidated. As they linked arms and stood in front of Wagner’s office, they chanted,

“You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!” 

trump 2016


In “pain.” Good grief. Over chalk marks. Wagner agreed to meet with them. No encouragement to grow up and realize that free speech is part of America. All of this over someone scrawling Trump 2016 in various places around campus.chalk marks

One student, who was interviewed by Fox News, said he was disappointed in the University President, who instead of coming out for free speech, “legitimized” the complainers.

Emory University offers ’emergency counseling’ to students after they were ‘traumatized’ when someone wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk around campus…

Posted by Fox & Friends on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Take note: Black Lives Matter did the EXACT SAME THING, and there was no investigation, no one paid any attention to it. They’ve started a witch hunt for the “perpetrators” of chalk marks  that say Trump 2016.

The Daily Mail reported,

In a campus-wide email, he proposed ‘immediate refinements to certain policies and procedural deficiencies’ that he hoped would improve diversity.

He wrote that he wanted to bring in ‘regular and structured opportunities for difficult dialogues; a formal process to institutionalize identification.

Wagner also said there was a need to address ‘social justice opportunities’ and commitment to an annual retreat to renew [their] efforts.’

Wagner added that the Freedom of Expression Committee is meeting to address whether the person or people responsible for the chalking were in compliance with Emory’s policy. 

He said that they would debate technical issues, such as whether or not the chalkings were done on an appropriate surface. 

However, he believes that the broader concern motivating the protests had to do more with the ideas the chalkings stood for than how they were done.

These are nothing more than actions designed to shut down free speech for whoever wrote their choice for a Presidential Candidate.

 Emotional Cowards have shut down free speech

We have allowed the liberals to raise a nation of total emotional cowards. The freedom to chose a political candidate has them “traumatized.” The freedom to say anything- even the name of a front-runner candidate – has been destroyed by people who do not understand ANYTHING about the principles which have guided our nation for two centuries.

Pack them all up and send them to Syria or North Korea. Maybe they’ll learn to be grateful for freedom there.