Trudeau Plans to “Cap the Market”on Handguns, Limit Rifle Magazines to 5 Rounds

Faye Higbee
trudeau plans

Justin Trudeau plans to “cap the market for handguns” in Canada. What that means is restrictions to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in our neighbor the north. He bases this plan on the Uvalde shooting in Texas. Never let a good crisis go to waste. But he just signficantly caused issues to hundreds of thousands of his own law-abiding citizens. And very few people would be exempt from the new law.

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The only people exempted from these restrictions are certain occupations, or if you live near animals in the wilderness, they may let you have a gun to protect yourself. Of course if you shoot an endangered species you’ll be prosecuted. The bill also bans airsoft guns and toys that look like guns.

“The bill we just tabled represents a milestone amidst a long and difficult battle which takes place on our streets every single day,” Mendicino said at the news conference. “It’s a battle which has claimed too many lives, leaving empty chairs at the dinner table, and empty desks in our classrooms.”

The legislation revives some federal measures that didn’t pass before last year’s general election and implements some new proposals made during the campaign.

They include taking away firearms licences from those involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment, increasing criminal penalties for smuggling and trafficking of firearms, and a “red flag” law which would require people deemed a threat to themselves or others to turn in their firearms to law enforcement…

…The government also said in a news release that it would require magazines for long guns to be changed so they can’t carry more than five rounds. Sales of large-capacity magazines would be banned.

It also would increase the maximum penalty for offences under the law, such as illegally owning, acquiring or manufacturing a firearm, from 10 years imprisonment to 14.

CBC News

“Trudeau is exploiting a tragedy in another country to once again attack peaceful gun owners in Canada. This new crackdown will have zero impact on gang violence in our cities. Like all tyrants, he wants to completely disarm citizens.” Maxime Bernier

The biggest problem in Canada is gang violence from “unlawfully procured black-market hand guns.” His new bill does not address that issue, since we all know that criminals do not obey laws. What is DOES do is target ordinary gun owners. Canada’s gun laws are ridiculously restrictive in the first place, and they do not have a ‘2nd amendment.’ Trudeau plans to simply make it worse.

Since China is his favorite country, is he plotting an insurrection?

Leftists talk out of both sides of their mouths. Not only is this bill an egregious plan to disarm Canadians, they also have a bill going through Canada’s Parliament that LOWERS the sentences for gun crimes

While those two things seemingly make no sense whatsoever, it does if there is an agenda. As so many of the actions of our own government tell us, there is an agenda to FORCE people to do what they don’t want to do. Trudeau plans to destroy Canada just like Biden and his ilk plan to do to the United States. And they appear to be coming along nicely in those plans.


Featured screenshot via Trudeau video

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