Truckers Arrived in Ottawa- Protest Grows Across Canada

Faye Higbee
truckers arrived

With Trudeau in hiding, er, “quarantine”…and keeping his socialist head firmly buried in the sand, Canadian truckers arrived in Ottawa beginning Friday night. Police closed the roadways around Parliament, and only allowed the Convoy of truckers through. Simultaneously, there were also rallies in various other areas of our northern neighbor. The truckers claim they will stay until Trudeau resigns or gives them back their freedom.

Ottawa is currently in gridlock as trucks, tractors, RVs, and cars jam the streets. Trudeau claimed that the truckers were a “small, fringe minority with unacceptable views.” But he went into hiding, ostensibly because he was “exposed to Covid.” Exposed to Covid? Nobody believes him.

The Truckers have arrived in Ottawa. City in gridlock. Testament to Trudeau’s failed leadership. Symbol of People Power. The NWO/WEF Great Reset plan is failing.

@atnight65 on Twitter

The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company) claimed that the Russians were behind today’s Freedom convoy. They’ve been drinking the same contaminated Kool-Aid that CNN and all the other mainstream media have been drinking. Numerous Twitter users and a few media also attempted to downplay the trucker protest as full of “racists and “fascists.” Some began claiming the truckers parked on the veteran’s cenotaph, although 99% of truckers are usually veteran -friendly, so that report is possibly bogus. There are always disparagers, especially when the traffic shuts down just about everything. But it’s obvious that Trudeau’s statement about a “small, fringe minority” is a bunch of hooey.

When the truckers arrived in Ottawa, Canadians along the way were highly supportive. They even brought food for the convoy participants.

But it isn’t just truckers anymore, now farmers in tractors have joined the protest. In Brazil, truckers started their own convoy in solidarity with their compatriots in Canada.

As the truckers arrived, one of them led the crowd in the Canadian National Anthem, “O, Canada.” Canadian Patriotism loud and strong…Trudeau should unplug his ears to really listen.

“Spirit is high in Ottawa and the protest is blessed with a beautiful Blue sky. Truckers are Bringing hope to an Entire Nation. God Bless Them All. This Will Without a Doubt be Written in the History Books Since it is the Winners that Write History.”

screenshot via Twitter (The Post Millennial)

How long this protest will last is anyone’s guess. While we would love to see Trudeau resign in disgrace, getting rid of the folks in power is extremely difficult. As the truckers arrived in Ottawa, they brought with them hope.


Featured screenshot via Twitter video of the truckers arriving on Friday.

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