Truck Drivers Blockade Road in Calais over Migrant Issue

By Faye Higbee

A huge protest against the “Jungle” Refugee Camp by truck drivers and farmers in Calais, France created a major slowdown on Monday. Residents planned to form a human chain across the A16 roadway. Some cars honked in support of the 70-some trucks as they drove by.

“Every day, we have to wonder whether our working day will be ruined, whether a migrant will sneak under the truck’s canvas…If the goods are damaged, they have to be immediately transported back to the home depot.” Nicolas Lotin to

As we have reported before, the truckers are constantly in danger of being high-jacked or boarded by immigrants intent to get to the UK. And the truckers and farmers are angry.

The truckers lined up along the highway, and farmers with tractors began lining up with the trucks on Monday.

The government of France tried demolishing the camp, and giving the refugees remodeled boxes to live in, but the vast majority of them refused to move.

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The refugees have even blocked roads with trees in an effort to hijack the trucks or jump inside them on their way to Britain.

The Telegraph reported,

Thousands of local shopkeepers and residents will also form a “human chain” across the main route to the port, the A16 motorway, where lorries bound for Britain are targeted nightly by increasingly aggressive migrants, sometimes armed with clubs, knives or chainsaws.

Groups of dozens of migrants desperate to reach Britain erect as many as 30 barricades a night with tree branches and trunks to force lorries to stop so they can jump on.

Screenshot via the Guardian

The confrontations have been brewing for some time. Opposition liberals, who have no idea what the truckers are going through, continually call them “racist” for wanting relief. They demand that the refugees be welcomed with open arms and open borders.

The British government fines the truckers coming through the tunnel if they find stowaways in their trucks. The truckers say that situation is intolerable as well, calling it a “racket.”

Britain does not want them in their country. France has no idea what to do with them in their own. The port of Calais was closed on Monday, though the protesters said they would attempt to let private vehicles through.