Troll Alert – Pittsburgh Antifa ‘Leader’ Adam Rahuba Threatens Conservatives.

adam rahuba

A Pittsburgh Antifa ‘leader’  named Adam Rahuba used Twitter to threaten Conservatives with blocking their streets with armed Antifa members if President Trump doesn’t concede by Sunday. Problem is, a) his account has been suspended, and b) he’s nothing but a wanna be troll and not a leader at that. But this latest attempt to grab headlines could cause risk to both sides of the equation.

adam rahuba

His threat tweet garnered attention from Conservatives and those of us who bristle at anything Antifa says. “Attn: @realDonaldTrump If you do not concede by Sunday at noon, we will begin to block roads in conservative areas. Your supporters will not be able to go to work or the grocery store to feed their families. We are armed and will retaliate to attempts at vehicular manslaughter.” Adam Rahuba

Please note: his threat is totally stupid. “Your supporters won’t be able to go to work or get groceries” is so off the wall that it’s completely ridiculous. How many streets could they block? Not THAT many.

The Pittsburgh Antifa leader – er, loser troll

The problem is, Adam Rahuba is a fraud. He has been trolling Republicans, “right wingers” and others since 2013. He enjoys pulling people’s chain, even though this attempts to do so put people at serious risk. He claims to be Antifa, and scoffs at the idea that it is organized. It IS organized, which is why his latest trolling attempt is so dangerous. Especially if his fellow Antifa people decide to follow through with any of it. Veterans are watching:

“Don’t bring the “hood” to those who have fought to defend this entire nation. We are prepared!” @1776doesntexpire

Adam Rahuba is a former concert promoter and DJ. He has spent most of the year crashing on his friend’s couch in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, and putting out fake events designed to grab the attention of American patriots. This loser loves to create “events” out of thin air and watch what happens. Instead of “blocking streets,” he will probably still be lounging around on his friend’s couch watching news reports.

In this case the Post reported (emphasis mine) back in July when they found out Adam Rahuba is just a troll:

A Post examination of Rahuba’s activities provides a rare inside look at the work of a homegrown troll who uses social media to stoke partisan division. It shows that in an era of heightened sensitivity about disinformation campaigns carried out by foreign nations, bad-faith actors with far fewer resources can also manipulate public discourse and affect events in the real world.

A previous Post story raised questions about the identity of the person behind the Gettysburg deception. In response, several of Rahuba’s former acquaintances contacted reporters and said they suspected he operated Left Behind USA, the social media account that promoted the fake event. The Post examined dozens of accounts and websites, some linked to him by name and others used anonymously to promote hoaxes. Similarities in content, design and other details were apparent.

Post reporters located Rahuba last week at a friend’s apartment in Harmony Township, Pa., where he acknowledged in an interview that he was behind 13 aliases and social media accounts that promoted hoaxes as far back as 2013.

“I guess I’m outed,” he said.


Being outed by a major fake news media is no big deal, since most of us don’t read the WaPo rag anyway. And don’t worry, he’ll probably come up with a new alias at some point, unless law enforcement can find something charge hin with – being stupid in public would be a good start. But we’ll be watching to see if this birdbrain and his commie cohorts actually get off the couch.

“Gee I wonder who would be a better shot…the people who actually fire weapons or the people who play Call of Duty….bring it on cupcakes.” @danielmohn

Featured photo: Twitter screenshot


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