Tres Genco Joined Army to Get Training for Mass Murder

Faye Higbee
tres genco

Tres Genco describes himself as an “incel’ (‘involuntarily celibate’), and as others who call themselves by the description, he hates women because they don’t pay enough attention to him. He was arrested Wednesday by the DOJ on one charge of attempting to commit a hate crime, and one count of illegally possessing a machine gun. He was plotting to commit mass murder at an unnamed Ohio University Sorority. He joined the Army hoping to get training to do a mass killing. (

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In August 2019, Tres Genco joined the Army at Fort Benning and went into Basic Training, hoping to gain the skills needed to commit mass murder of women. He failed – by December of 2019 he was discharged for “entry-level performance and conduct.”

On March 12, 2020, his mother called police to say that he was acting in a threatening manner and had locked himself in the bathroom with a gun. According to an unidentified witness, he had grown “erratic and somewhat violent over the past several months.” Police found a 5.56mm rifle equipped with a bump stock, several loaded magazines, body armor and four boxes of additional ammunition. Inside his residence, they found a ‘modified’ Glock-style 9mm hidden in a heating vent that had no serial number or manufacturer’s mark. In 2019, he allegedly purchased, tactical gloves, a bulletproof vest, a hoodie bearing the word “Revenge,” cargo pants, a bowie knife, a skull facemask, two Glock magazines, and a holster for concealed carry.

For the threats made in that first incident, he was charged with ‘terroristic threats’ and given 17 months, with credit for time served, and released in February this year. It took a Federal Grand Jury several more months to indict him on the new charges. The Federal hate crime charge carries a penalty of up to life in prison; the machine gun charge up to 10 years.

According to the indictment, Genco maintained profiles on a popular Incel website from at least July 2019 through mid-March 2020. Genco was a frequent poster on the site.

In one post, Genco allegedly detailed spraying “some foids and couples” with orange juice in a water gun. Foids is an Incel term short for “femoids,” referring to women. According to the charging document, Genco compared his “extremely empowering action” to similar conduct by known Incel Elliot Rodger. In May 2014, Rodger killed six people and injured 14 others, including shooting individuals outside a University of California, Santa Barbara sorority house. Prior to his mass attack, Rodger shot a group of college students with orange juice from a water gun.

Genco also allegedly wrote a manifesto, stating he would “slaughter” women “out of hatred, jealousy and revenge…” and referring to death as the “great equalizer.” As part of this investigation, law enforcement agents discovered a note of Genco’s that indicated he hoped to “aim big” for a kill count of 3,000 people with a reference to the same date as Elliot Rodger’s attack, and intended to attend military training. The investigation revealed that the day he wrote his manifesto, he searched online for sororities and a university in Ohio.

US Attorney’s Office, Department of Justice

So heads up, ladies, there are seriously evil people out there. Be aware of your surroundings, and stay away from people who give you that gut feeling of danger.

Note: is is unclear whether the machine gun charge will stand due to a March court ruling that bump stocks cannot be called machine guns.


Featured photo: Twitter and mugshot of Tres Genco

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