Torrance, California Shooting at Bowling Alley


Three people are dead and four injured in a shooting at Gable House Bowl in Torrance, California. The incident was reported to police at around 11:54 p.m. on Friday night. According to police, the incident began with an argument between women. When men stepped in, chaos erupted and shots were fired.

Gable House Bowl is a bowling alley that also offers an arcade and laser tag.  Torrance police responded to a report of shots fired with multiple people down. They found several people down when they arrived.

Screenshot via Twitter

This video posted by AP shows the aftermath, with people walking through the bowling alley, and some women still screaming.

The LA Times reported:

The scene was chaotic outside the bowling alley early Saturday. Slowly but gradually, people gathered behind the police tape were hearing that someone they knew was inside or had been killed. Some looked through photographs trying to pick out who may have been the gunman.

One man had a wound on his back that was covered with large bandages. His white shirt was torn and bloodstained.

Jesus Perez of San Pedro was inside during the shooting. “We just ran right into the bar and took cover. All we heard was just, like two people got shot.”

Perez said he heard about four gunshots.

“We heard there was a big fight before that. We just ran into the bar and we just took cover because after the fight we heard ‘pop! pop!'”

He said he took cover for about 15 minutes and a security guard escorted him out the back.

If is unclear if the shooter was among the injured, or if he was still at large. Witnesses varied in the amount of shots they heard, some saying as many as nine.

Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter