Tom Cotton: Lying Leftists Attempt to Smear Combat Veteran

By Faye Higbee

Senator Tom Cotton is a combat veteran who served with the 101st Airborne on two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan 2006, 2008. But when lying leftist rag Salon accused him of stolen valor, Jason Crow, a Democrat Congressman, also a veteran, picked up on it and started a feud. Democrats have a nasty habit of picking fights when they don’t know what they are talking about, and try to smear Republicans in their own smug, arrogant manner. (Breitbart)

Senator Cotton graduated from Ranger School, which earned him the Ranger Tab, but went on to serve with the 101st Airborne. He earned a Bronze Star in combat. Not once has he ever claimed to serve with the 75th Ranger Regiment. A Salon reporter accused him of stolen valor for claiming to be a Ranger. But serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment and earning the Ranger tab are two totally separate things. Soldiers who earn the Ranger tab at Ranger school are entitled to be called Rangers, regardless of what unit they end up with.

“You’ll leave Victory Pond today with a small piece of cloth on your shoulder, but more importantly, you carry the title of Ranger from here on out.”

Maj. Gen. Scott Miller, to graduating class of Ranger School. Former Commander of all Army infantry and armor training and education in 2015

That “small piece of cloth” is not about a unit, it’s a sign of certain skills – graduating Ranger School is a major accomplishment.

Salon called Senator Cotton a liar. In fact, they are the lying leftists they’ve always been with their stupid attempt to smear a combat veteran who honorably served. But it didn’t stop there (naturally) because Jason Crow, a Democrat Congressman newly elected in Colorado, decided to dig himself another hole. Crow served in the 75th Ranger regiment after he served with the 82nd Airborne – must have made him an arrogant elitist. And a former SOCOM commander called him on it.

First, wear your beret correctly. Second, you are a Congressman now, act like it. This is a dumb debate (feel pretty qualified to say that). Need you to focus on more important things for the good of the nation. You and @SenTomCotton get together and work like “Ranger buddies.”

Gen Tony Thomas, Ret.

Tony Thomas is a retired Army General and former SOCOM commander. Wonder how it felt to be a dumbass Democrat called out by a former Special Operations Commander for acting like a juvenile?

Both the reporter for Salon and Jason Crow owe Senator Cotton a huge apology. Don’t hold your breath.


Featured photo: Tom Cotton in the 101st Airborne

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