Title 42 Upheld by Court on March 4. Biden Administration Officially Scrapped It on March 12.

Faye Higbee
title 42

Title 42 is a public health code that the Trump administration used to prevent unaccompanied minors and adult illegals from coming into the United States during a pandemic. It did not allow illegals to stay due to the danger of Covid transmission to the populace of the US. On March 4, an Appeals Court upheld the action. On March 12, the Biden administration, Dr Walensky of the CDC, removed it entirely.

It is likely that Title 42 grants the Executive sweeping authority to prohibit aliens from entering the United States during a public-health emergency; that the Executive may expel aliens who violate such a prohibition; and that under…the Convention Against Torture, the Executive cannot expel aliens to countries where their ‘life or freedom would be threatened…

Court ruling, March 4

The Biden administration began exempting unaccompanied minors from the rule as soon as Biden took office. The court ruling stated that the administration could no longer exempt unaccompanied minors from Title 42.

The children spend, on average, more than a day clustered at a DHS facility, where they can expose other detainees, DHS personnel, and American citizens and residents to whatever viruses they are carrying.

Judge Mark Pittman

Instead of abiding by the court ruling, the Biden administration- via CDC Director Walensky- simply scrapped the entire thing for unaccompanied minors. The decision to scrap it came about the time the ruling would have been implemented. Weirdly, the Biden administration is keeping the rule around for single adults. Children are no longer buggy, but the adults are. Strange how that works. The ACLU wants them to scrap it for adults and families as well.

… there is no longer a serious danger of the introduction, transmission, and spread of COVID-19 into the United States as a result of entry of [the children] and that a suspension of the introduction of [the children] is not required in the interest of public health.

CDC Director Walensky (PDF)

Customs and Border Patrol currently have about 600 unaccompanied minors in their care. HHS has 9,800. Over 159,000 have been released into the population of the United States. Deportations of illegals dropped dramatically in 2021. Instead of deporting them, the Biden administration released them.

It’s magic

Also, if ‘current public health conditions and recent developments’ warrant lifting Title 42 for UACs, then *all* COVID restrictions need to be lifted. You can’t pretend that illegal-alien teenagers are magically different.

Mark Krikorian, Center for Immingration Studies to The Epoch Times

The Biden administration’s policies are always magically different.


Screenshot of US border patrol with unaccompanied minors via CNS news

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