Time for Social Media Companies to Bring Back Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children!

Faye Higbee
social media companies

As the JP Morgan Chase bank did with the Conservative Defense of Liberty PAC, Social Media companies have continually labelled Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children as a “violent” organization just because they don’t like our politics. Facebook (aka META), Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn have all termed us as violent, and “anti-government.” Some even called us a militia which we are not. Some of it occurred over our support for Kyle Rittenhouse and our sharing of his GoFundMe (which was also ripped off that platform a while back). With the Rittenhouse acquittal now rendered, it’s time for Social Media companies to bring our accounts back.

social media companies
Even our logo was censored.

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Instagram called us “violent.” LinkedIn removed us because we sell guns, which in their twisted minds makes us inherently violent. We’ve been blacklisted on Facebook since we began in 2009. We’ve lost every single social media account on Big Tech companies, which has devastated our financial base. All because they don’t like our politics. When is enough enough?

We have never been “violent.” We’ve never burned down a city, or beaten anyone senseless because we disagree with them. We’ve never done any of the things that the leftists do on a regular basis. Yet we are among other Conservative pages targeted and removed by platforms who wouldn’t know a “violent” person if they saw one. And they’ve seen plenty of them: like Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, for example. You know, the ones that burned down half the major cities in America last year and have routinely thrown temper tantrums to demand their way when somebody disagrees with them…

Here are the links to just our stories about what has happened to us over the years. And they don’t include the most recent losses like LinkedIn.

None of the big deal conservatives have ever reached out to help us. The Gateway Pundit and Conservative Firing Line did stories on us, which we sincerely appreciated. Whether conservatives realize it or not, we’re all in this fight to preserve Freedom of Speech together. But no one else bothered. We went from 2.5 Million followers on Facebook to zero, with over 5,000 articles ripped from every group, including our personal pages. our CEO Rick Ferran was totally deplatformed from Instagram and Facebook. He is shadow banned on Twitter, and our company page is gone. There is no room for dissenting opinions in this Communist era of America.

What will you do when it happens to you?


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