Three Armed California Robbers And The Victim Who Fought Back

Faye Higbee
three armed California robbers
Screenshot- Los Angeles, CA

Three armed California robbers accosted a man on Saturday near the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and demanded his belongings. When he resisted, one of them dropped their weapon during the ensuing altercation. The “victim” picked up the gun, shot one of the robbers dead as the other two fled.

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Three armed men in their 20s exited a vehicle early Saturday morning in South Los Angeles and attempted to rob the unidentified man, Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Norma Eisenman told the Los Angeles Times

An altercation broke out after the victim resisted complying with the suspects. One of the suspected robbers then dropped his handgun, and the victim picked it up and shot the suspect, according to police. 

The two other would-be robbers fled. The man who was shot was pronounced dead at the scene. 


The thing is, this is not an isolated incident, either in Los Angeles or other cities across the country. Three armed California robbers are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as crime spikes in major cities everywhere, thanks to the releasing of criminals back into the communities they have preyed on in the first place. But there is a warning: bad guys need to be aware tat people are fighting back all over the nation.

Los angeles has had a string of “follow-home” robberies in which the bad guys have followed peple home. One such incident had a group of men dressed as police who accosted a family and forced them into their home at gun point.


Three armed Philadelphia robbers attempted to rob a CVS pharmacy on Thursday at around 9:30 p.m. They failed to get any money because they couldn’t figure out how to open the cash register. So they moved on to the “Brick Oven Pizza” shop nearby.

The 33-year-old suspect brandished a gun and reached across the counter to try and steal cash from the register. An employee tried to fight off the suspect, leading to a struggle that led to the suspect strangling the employee. 

The victim’s son grabbed a gun from under the counter and shot the suspect in the face, causing him to flee, FOX 29 Philadelphia reported. 

Police said they found money, some broken glass and “a large amount of blood” on the floor of the store. Officers followed a trail of blood into a nearby subway station, where they found the suspect. 


As a typical Democrat, the Mayor of Philadelphia denied there was a spike in crime in his city.

Spanaway, Washington

A homeowner in Spanaway, Washington, near Seattle, was in his home with his family when two would-be robbers kicked in the back door early Thursday morning. The homeowner opened fire and killed one of them. At least one was armed. Police received the call at about 0430 a.m.. When they arrived they found one subject “unresponsive.” The other suspect is being sought.

When everything first started, the first thing I had to do was take a few breaths and calm myself down because I knew it could have gone one of two ways. I didn’t know who they were, I didn’t know what they had, but the first thing I did–and it’s the honest to God truth–is I took a few breaths to myself. That way I knew I was calm enough to make a proper judgment decision.

Jerahme Smith, homeowner

Police are forwarding their investigation to the Pierce county Prosecutor who will decide whether Smith is to be charged with anything. But for now, he is not charged. Mr. Smith maintains he has the right to defend his property and family. And he is absolutely correct. His neighbors say that crime has increased in their area.

From three armed California robbers to the armed robbers in Pennsylvania and Washington, crime is rising from foolish Democrat policies. And people are fighting back.


Featured screenshot of Los Angeles

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