Thomas Sowell – USA at the Point of No Return?

thomas sowell

Thomas Sowell recently warned that the USA is “approaching the point of no return.” He is correct. The United States has more than just pockets of madness now. And we are literally at the tipping point on the river of no return.

“Where adult human beings are talking about getting rid of the police. Where they’re talking about reducing the number of police, reducing the resources put in police work, at a time when murder rates have been skyrocketing over what they were just a year ago in 2019.

I never dreamed that we would come to this point, it just seems such utter madness. And what is frightening is how many people in responsible positions are caving in to every demand that is made, repeating any kind of nonsense that you’re supposed to repeat. I do believe that we may well reach a point of no return.

I hope, of course, that will never happen, but there is such a thing as a point of no return. The Roman Empire overcame many problems in its long history, but eventually, it reached the point where it simply could no longer continue on. And much of that was from within, not just the barbarians attacking from outside.” Thomas Sowell to Mark Levin, July 18

The tipping point on the river of no return

Idaho has a river that was dubbed “The River of No Return.” The Middle Fork of the Salmon River is fraught with rapids, and rocks, and over the centuries it has taken the lives of people who came to Idaho to mine or even tourists. The fact is, many boats never made it to their destination – hence the name “River of No Return.”

This ‘river’ that America is traversing is riddled with danger as deadly as the rapids and rocks on the Salmon River: the media feeding people lies, violent riots, ignorant politicians who appease the crazies, power hungry leaders whose sole purpose is control, children who have been indoctrinated with false information instead of being taught truth or skills, and a pandemic that has people at each other’s throats – it’s all in there. We are facing the perfect storm of crises. And there is no discussion, no listening, no understanding on any side.

Thomas Sowell is one of the nation’s leading Conservative voices. He is Black, and he is smart.  He’s seen a lot of what has occurred over his 80 years. Will our nation fight to hold the line of reason in November? Or will it give up and capitulate, a scenario that will end in civil war, destroying the nation that our ancestors fought to create? Will we become that socialist, communist state that every dictator has hoped for?  There will be fraud, dirty tricks, and attempted manipulation of the votes. It’s up to each of us to choose wisely and be aware of every attempt against us.

“What I see is that if the election goes to Biden that there is a good chance that the Democrats will then control all three bran… the two [Houses] of Congress and the White House, and considering the kinds of things that they are proposing, that could well be the point of no return for this country.” Thomas Sowell

Featured photo: Thomas  Sowell – screenshot via Fox News


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