Third Night of Kenosha Riots = 2 Dead, 1 Wounded

By Faye Higbee

It’s hard to believe there was anything left to loot or burn in the third night of Kenosha riots, but apparently that’s not the case. Rioters and looters ignored the 8 p.m. curfew and began attempting to take down the fence around the courthouse.

Screenhot via Twitter

By 11:45 p.m., rioters attacked businesses, setting fires and looting. One business was being protected by what the media calls a militia group. When looters broke inside in spite of the armed group, one member shot a looter in the head. In one of the videos of this third night, you can see that some rioters are also armed- with bats.

Irony: rioters against police have to call police in the third night of Kenosha riots.

The man with a gun was reportedly heard to say “I just killed somebody” as he fled. Prior to that the police had given him a bottle of water and thanked the armed group for assisting them. That’s out the door now, and police are under the gun to find the shooter and likely will never be able to thank any armed groups again.

That’s the official explanation, but the information can change depending on what was really going on. Was there any self-defense aspect? Was he just a “loose cannon?” At this point that is unknown. As rioters chased the man with a gun, he tripped and fell. When a rioter jumped on top of him, he opened fire, then got up and ran again.

Police are searching for him. More than one sound of a gun is heard in at least one video, which indicates more than one person shooting. A lot of the narrative is conjecture from the videos that are floating around on Twitter. Kenosha police have requested anyone with information and uncirculated videos to send them.

At least 34 businesses were destroyed in the first to third night of Kenosha riots, as well as an “unknown number” of homes, according to Kenosha Fire Chief Charles Leipzig. (Fox)

But the media narrative centers around: two people are dead, one severely injured with an arm wound, and the man with the gun is on the run. The third night of Kenosha riots had nothing to do with “police brutality or systemic racism.”

It had to do with a) rioters looting and burning businesses and b) perhaps but not proven, an armed man who let adrenaline get the best of him, and/or an issue of self-defense. Only the full investigation will tell us in this case. Of course, social media and the mainstream media have already run with this to show the big bad “militia.”

Antifa or Black Lives Matter? They have the same goals at this point, and their violence is interchangeable.

Note here: The vast majority of “Black Lives Matter” members are white – around 63% of them.

Jacob Blake’s mother called for calm, but of course, since this behavior has little to do with his shooting, her pleas have so far been ignored.  Democrat Governor Tony Evers sent mixed messages:  in one breath said “systemic racism” has to stop and the other calling for “calm,” and calling in the National Guard (where were they last night?). Chaos is spread where leadership is poor.

Featured photo: screenshots via Twitter @bgonthescene


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