Thieves Save the World

By Faye Higbee

It isn’t often that petty thieves can say that they saved lives by stealing. But in this case, it’s very likely just that. Two men who planned to steal the object holding the bomb in Chelsea, NY, may have inadvertently deactivated one of the bombs – saving many lives. And in New Jersey, two homeless men discovered a backpack they intended to take, but it was full of pipe bombs so they notified authorities.


Chelsea neighborhood thieves or heroes?

Two ‘well-dressed’ men wandering down the street in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City saw a rolling suitcase that they wanted. They opened it, took out the pressure cooker bomb inside, and made off with the suitcase. Somehow, they inadvertently loosened a wire.

The “weird science experiment” that was a bomb

A woman wandered past the bomb on her way to see the scene of the first bomb explosion. Jane Schreibman found the pressure cooker about 15 yards from her home – with its wires sticking out and a cell phone attached. It was in a garbage sack, but nowhere near any other garbage.


Photo via Twitter – Allen B. West

“I’m used to seeing a lot of crazy objects and thought it was some kind of weird science experiment. People throw out all kinds of things.” Jane Schreibman

The more she thought about it, the more she became suspicious. Then she called 911. They yelled at her to run and get away from the device. Police came and took it to the firing range in the Bronx.

Because the bomb was intact, they were able to trace the cell phone back to, you guessed it, Ahmed Khan Rahami. With the name, they were then able to match his photo to the surveillance photo and there you have the jihadist who tried to blow up a New York neighborhood.

Police are looking for the two men, and hope to ID them through surveillance footage. In the meantime, they are not suspects, they are witnesses who may have saved a lot of families from grief.

Elizabeth, New Jersey thieves or heroes?

Two homeless men in Elizabeth, New Jersey snatched a backpack off the top of a garbage can at the train station. As they rifled through it, they found 5 pipe bombs. They immediately dropped the bag and ran to the police.

“When they opened it up and found the wire and the pipe they immediately walked around the other corner to Elizabeth police headquarters and turned it in. People go through life on the edge in a very difficult position yet they probably saved hundreds of lives.” Mayor Christian Bollwage

The pipe bombs in Elizabeth lacked detonators, but even then the bomb robot managed to set one of them off.

So there you have it- how thieves or are they heroes- saved the world.