They Got Him! Paris Attack Suspect Shot and Arrested in Belgium

By Faye Higbee

They got him! Paris Attack Suspect Shot and Arrested in Belgium

A four month International manhunt for the main suspect in the Paris Attacks last November has culminated in Brussels, Belgium. Salah Abdeslam was arrested after a raid in the Molenbeek area of the city. A total of three men were arrested in this latest raid.

Salah Abdeslam, 26

Screenshot via The Guardian showing the areas of Brussels where Abdeslam held out until his arrest on March 18

The hunt intensified

The arrest comes days after police raided an apartment in the Forest area of Brussels. As they arrived to search the apartment, a gunman opened fire on them with an automatic weapon. Two men escaped from that scene- four police officers were injured in the raid.

After the gunman, a 35 year old Algerian living in Belgium illegally was killed, police found Abdeslam’s DNA and fingerprints “all over” the apartment.  They intensified the search, realizing they were close.


Screenshot of Abdeslam arrest -via Twitter @guardianworld


“We got him!” – Belgian Secretary of State for Migration Issues

White smoke coming out of the  building, police helicopters, even drones hovering about all signaled a massive operation by Belgium Police. They finally were able to corner the man they had sought for so long. Three hours after it began, three men were ultimately arrested. Abdeslam was shot in the leg, but he was arrested at the scene.

French President Francoise Hollande called it a “Europe Wide Struggle,” and called for Abdeslam’s rapid extradition back to France.

Does Europe understand that the fight is not over? Likely more attacks will come, because when you kill or capture one cockroach, others appear.