The UCC shooting – A Dog Named Bullet and The Irony of Loyalty

By Faye Higbee

In a touching story from KOMO news in Seattle, the loyalty of a service dog shines for all to see. Sarena Moore, 44, had severe back problems that put her in a wheelchair.  But her ability to function in life was made possible by the unconditional love of a service dog that she trained herself- a dog named “Bullet.” Little did she know the irony of the dog’s name… it was a bullet that ended her life in the Umpqua Community College shooting.


Sarena Moore’s service dog, Bullet. Facebook photo

The loyalty of a 4-footed friend

“Bullet” was Sarena’s constant companion. She and her fiance had purchased the dog 7 months ago. She worked to train the dog in spite of her excruciating back pain.

She brought him to classes with her at Umpqua Community College. On October 1, she was attending Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon in order to achieve a degree in Business. Her desire was to open a horse therapy ranch.

Suddenly, terror and fear erupted around her as a gunman began shooting. Sarena was killed, but “Bullet” survived. He never left her side during the incident. He didn’t run away from the sound of the gun…he  stayed loyal to the end.

Moving on without her

Deputies took Bullet home to Sarena’s fiance, Travis Dow the next day. The dog has been “droopy” according to her fiance. Dogs actually experience a sense of loss, and can become depressed when a member of their pack is gone.

“He’s been acting really droopy. He goes to her door and lays down. Because he’s used to going in the room and sleeping in the room at night… He was her world. He was not only her dog, (he was) her best friend besides me.”

In spite of the sadness Travis and the dog feel, Dow was happy to have Bullet returned.

“It felt good to know he was still alive. He survived because it’s a piece of her. Bullet became a piece of Sarena. I was happy to get him back. I was ecstatic.”