The UADF, John Tiegen, and Protecting America’s Communities


John “Tig” Tiegen of Benghazi fame is pretty much always in the crosshairs of the leftists. But his newest projects are not meant for what the left claims: his desire is to organize the community to help in times of need for medical assistance and protection. To that end, he has created the United American Defense Force (UADF)… and a few other projects in the works.

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We caught up with Tig to hear about those projects:

His group, the UADF, started from the ground up, so it inevitably has “growing pains.” Finding the right volunteers is a challenge, but he’s up for it. Struggles are part and parcel for any organization trying to start up, and John started it without a regular business plan (something he is currently working to remedy).

The UADF website currently states:

The United American Defense Force is a humanitarian aid organization that was created to support first responders and protect citizens. Whether for natural or man-made disasters, we believe it is the responsibility of citizens, for the people and by the people, to offer protection and support when first responders are unwilling or unable to fulfill their civic duties.


The group does training, but not the kind of training the leftists believe. The UADF is not a militia and is nothing like Proud Boys, Three Percenters, or even Oath Keepers – the members are taught basics in working together as a team to build trust and confidence in each other in order to assist communities in times of need. There is a training manual, and requirements. All who join must pass a background check. The volunteers must qualify with a firearm, IF they opt to carry one.

We give them skill sets that help with everything from weapons, crowd control training, to working together to save people who have been trafficked. It’s a slow but steady process that needs solid, mature leaders to make it work. We start them from the beginning, with training that would normally be about $300 per class. They get that training for the price of joining.

John Tiegen
The UADF participated in the search for Suzanne Morphew, the Colorado Mom who disappeared from Salida on Mother’s Day, 2020. Photos provided by UADF

Joining the UADF costs $60 initally, and $20 per month thereafer. Each membership includes US Law Shield, a legal defense organization that provides attorneys for shield members if they have to defend themselves or others. The price covers all attorney fees and representation.

Donations to the UADF are always welcome and they help immensely. Someone donated a bus to them, but that vehicle needs some TLC to get it fully operational – new tires, battery, etc. John’s idea is to use the bus to help his members who need to be transported to the scene of disasters or incidents so that their vehicles are not vandalized by leftists. One of their member’s vehicles was recently smeared with feces while they were helping with a situation elsewhere.

He also wants to retrofit an RV as an ambulance for a mobile First Aid Station. They have medical personnel that can handle medical emergencies.

16 Seconds – a tv series that shares about human trafficking, and a cooperative effort to stop it.

The UADF is planning a cooperative effort with another group that helps rescue children and others who have been trafficked. John has plans to do a tv series he will call ’16 Seconds.’ He told us that every 16 seconds or less, someone is snatched into human trafficking. He has begun the training for that project and hopes to be effective in helping to stop it. His UADF will be participating with the other group to help save the children and young women from those who stalk and steal them into the horrors of that underworld.

Modern Patriot Podcast

The Modern Patriot is a podcast with John Tiegen on D-Live under Conservative Daily. At this point it is Fridays at 3pm MST. Modern Patriot is also on Instagram. Can he do all of this? If anyone can, he can. We wish him complete success in all that he does.

Here is an Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Podcast with Tank and Tig:


Featured photo provided by John Tiegen

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