The Truckers of America- Here’s What They Need

Faye Higbee

President Trump recently removed the regulations requiring truckers to shut down for certain hours. But the problems they face with regard to finding a decent meal or using a rest area are real and need addressing. And that’s not all.

Those who deliver essential services such as critical communications equipment received a letter from DHS asking that businesses grant them the courtesy to provide fuel for their trips. Essentially it gives them permission to get gas. (Yes they have to pay for the fuel).

Truckers got one regulation taken out by the President, but it left a whopping big bunch of issues:

(Agriculture) Agweb reported,

“President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency because the coronavirus COVID-19 and waived the hours of service rules for truck drivers transporting emergency supplies of food.

It’s the first time since the rules were enacted in 1930 that they’ve been suspended.

The March 13 emergency declaration covers “food for emergency restocking of stores,” as well as medical equipment, hand sanitizer, masks, and other items. The waiver remains in effect until midnight April 12 or when President Trump terminates it, if sooner.”


That’s all well and good, but where do truckers park to eat and rest with everything shut down?

The problems come in when truckers and others moving essential goods or services are trying to find a place to eat and rest, or even clean up. Restaurants are shut down, forcing truckers to eat at fast food places, if then due to the size of the rigs. Businesses are shut down, and they don’t want a trucker traipsing through their lobby to the restroom. Many rest areas are closed, so parking there is off limits, as well as using the restrooms. Where can they park a semi?  Open the rest areas at least for truckers.  Let them walk through the drive throughs.

Fuel – food – rest – cleanup. The truckers and those who are on the road are on it for all of us. These are the people who deliver essential goods and services to America in every major crisis – let’s not forget them. Without them, America would be in a whole lot worse shape than from a virus.


Update: One commenter posted this information for any truckers in need of food:

Featured photo of a semi-truck freightliner by Qwerty242 via Wikipedia


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