The Supreme Court Battle Over Amy Coney Barrett- Let The Smearing Begin!

By Faye Higbee

Amy Coney Barrett is being reported as President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. The Born-Again Catholic has two adopted children from Haiti – the fact that those children are Black hasn’t stopped “social justice” attackers on Twitter and the mainstream media from calling her a “racist” and questioning the adoptions as possibly “unethical.” (She and her husband have 7 total of children). The battleground is set ahead of time and it’s going to be worse than the attacks on Brent Kavanaugh.

First, Amy Coney Barrett is not a member of a cult. People of Praise, of which Barrett is a member is not a “secretive Catholic group.” It is a Christian community that contains some Catholics, but not all are Catholic. It is an organization that grew out of the Charismatic renewal of the early 70s. Primarily it holds Bible studies. But to hear the left wing media tell it, she is the subservient property of men and a lousy representative of women. And that’s how she got to become a judge you know, and they says she’s like the “Handmaiden’s Tale”, which is a despicable lie. And the group was NOT the “inspiration” for that story. The left wants you to believe that, but it is another lie.

The people attacking her religion, such as Dianne Feinstein in 2017, have absolutely no concept of “religion” in any facet whatsoever. They wouldn’t know that catch-word “dogma” or what it really has to do with Christianity if it smacked them in the jaw. Amy Coney Barrett is a Catholic. So was John F. Kennedy, for that matter, and both Pelosi and Biden are supposed to be.

Before the President revealed his choice (set for this afternoon at 2pm EDT), the left was hard at work with smears. They targeted her children, two of which are adopted from Haiti. She didn’t steal millions from the Haitian people like someone else we know. But the left began early on dragging this mom and her children through the mud.

No worries, Millie, Democrats have not one tiny shred of decency – they want to win by “any means necessary.” According to Breitbart, Dana Houle, the ignorant Democrat jackwagon that attacked Amy Barrett, said, “I shouldn’t have said those things.” Then proceeded to doubledown on his statements.  Then he protected his account like a coward.

“Here’s what I tweeted earlier. I shouldn’t have tweeted it. Not bc there is anything substantively wrong w it, but bc it was too easy to misunderstand, to mischaracterize, or use to manipulate the rubes who think I control what the press investigates. (As if!) Also, anyone…

— Dana Houle (@DanaHoule) September 26, 2020

…getting the vapors at the suggestion that anything untoward might have happened in an adoption from Haiti shouldn’t. And to anyone replying “Clinton Foundation,” yeah, it was horrible. It likely made things worse

But, as I said, the kids were either…

— Dana Houle (@DanaHoule) September 26, 2020

The profound ignorance in his statements is off the charts. Chief Justice John Roberts also adopted two children… from Ireland. Rep Matt Gaetz adopted a boy from Cuba – and initially kept that information close to the chest (for reasons exactly like this.) Despicable Democrats.

How about we skip the hearings and go straight to the vote? She has already been vetted by the FBI as a sitting judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. We should be so lucky. Hang in there, Amy Coney Barrett.

Featured photo via C-Span from 2017 Senate Hearings


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