The Smart Ring – Early Detection Technology Coming Soon. Good or Bad?

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command is working to develop “wearable technology” such as the ‘smart ring’ that can detect COVID even before the person wearing it has a symptom.

“Having a device that’s doing surveillance on you at the time and to say, ‘hey there’s something different about you’ – those are potentially powerful opportunities to intervene before a situation becomes a lot more complicated to treat.”

Cmdr. Christopher Steele, director at USAMRDC’s Military Operational Medicine Research Program

“A device that’s doing surveillance on you.” Hmmm. We already have wearable technology that monitors your blood pressure and exercise activity (such as Fitbit or smart watches). The USAMRDC has taken that several steps further: they want to stop the spread of COVID or any other virus by creating something that will detect the disease early. Dogs are being trained to detect COVID already, but wearable technology is being created – which is either good or bad, depending on your perspective.

In a recent study, Mason’s team showed that wearing a so-called “smart-ring” – a wearable device that generates continuous temperature data – may foreshadow the presence of COVID-19, even in cases when infection is not suspected. By analyzing data from 50 people previously infected with COVID-19 who agreed to wear the ring (which, in turn, came equipped with the aforementioned algorithm) Mason and Smarr found the ring accurately identified higher temperatures in people with symptoms of COVID-19. Ultimately, the algorithm may help lead to earlier isolation and testing – thereby potentially curbing the spread of infectious diseases…

…While it is not known how effectively the algorithm-enabled smart ring can detect asymptomatic COVID-19 infection, Mason’s team reported that in 38 of the 50 participants (or, 76 percent), fever was identified when symptoms were unreported or even unnoticed. According to Mason, the second leg of her TemPredict Study, which was launched in early December and has already enrolled tens of thousands of participants across the globe, will continuously apply the algorithm to the participants’ smart ring data, then alert participants when the algorithm suggests COVID-19 testing is warranted…

…Still, Mason’s algorithm – which is intended to be agnostic and not exclusive to any one particular device – is just one of many entrants in this particular race. Other performers receiving funding – including the makers of the Fitbit family of trackers and smartwatches – are using their own, internally-developed platforms, while others are utilizing off-the-shelf platforms to meet their end goals.


Easier isolation, easier quarantine, quicker revelation of disease. In a normal world, it would seem to be a great invention. But we are most certainly not in a normal world at this point. There is a potential for abuse of this technology.

The globalists have been salivating over the control of our troops for some time now. This is just a step forward so they can implant every soldier with a chip or some form of digital device. They want robots. They do not want young men asking questions or disobeying orders. This has nothing to do with their well-being or COVID. When has the military ever given a damn about us except to use us as cannon fodder.

Rick Ferran, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children CEO


Featured photo: Twitter via @armyfutures command

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