The Schumer Car Buyback Proposal: Your Tax Dollars At Work

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The radical Democrats in Congress are only good at one thing: spending our hard-earned money. The rest of their ideas are not ideas at all…just trash-talk. The Schumer car buyback  proposal to spend at least $462 Billion to trade in all the cars in America that run on gas is a case in point. Because climate change, you know. Then everyone will have to have an electric car. (He hasn’t said how he will pay for the program.)

So much for car manufacturers, the literally millions of gas powered vehicles on the road, and the economy. And what do you do with all those cars that you’ve “bought back”? You can’t throw them in the ocean (that’s not very “green”). Do you take them all apart and what the heck do you do with the gas if everyone hates fossil fuels so much? And don’t be mixing those Mercedes vehicles and big trucks up with regular gas cars, because diesel and gas are two different compounds.

Not to mention, how are the electric cars produced? If they are produced using fossil fuels, then what’s the point? In specific, it’s the pollution behind the manufacture of the electric batteries.

Science Focus noted,

“But although they have the potential to drastically cut pollution, they are only as green as the electricity they run on. Given that most electricity globally is still produced by burning fossil fuels, charging an electric car can indirectly generate similar amounts of greenhouse gases to a petrol-powered vehicle…”

Marketwatch reported,

The New York Democrat’s plan would give American car buyers thousands of dollars each to trade in gas-burning cars for U.S.-assembled electric, hybrid or hydrogen cell cars. Lower-income households, and buyers of cars with American-made parts, would get extra credits.

About $45 billion would go to boost availability of charging stations and other electric car infrastructure. And $17 billion would help automakers increase their production of electric cars, batteries and parts.

So instead of everyone getting a trophy, everyone gets a new car. The proposal would be implemented over a 10 year period. Schumer plans to introduce the measure if they win back the Senate after the 2020 election.

Please, America, if you value your wallet, vote Republican in 2020.

Featured photo: Chuck Schumer/Facebook


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  • Rose Keeling

    buy back? U didn’t own it in the first place…. so buy back only means us buying it again cuz its our tax dollars u’ll be using for this so-called buy back BS…. wow…. Wake the hell up people, wake up! U can’t be that stupid…. or can U, uggg.

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