The Real Agenda of CHOP Activists

By Faye Higbee

Seattle, WA – Ordinary residents and business owners in and around “CHAZ” aka “CHOP” have hired private security since the Seattle Police were ordered not to respond inside the zone. Some businesses are planning to leave as soon as they can. Most journalists covering the situation from the inside the zone haven’t asked hard questions, but one did: Ami Horowitz.The CHOP activists have an agenda that is disturbing, if any of Seattle’s lame leadership would pay attention.

Horowitz contacted one of the CHOP activists and a leader of the anarchist group, Jaiden Grayson, and found out some disturbing information that no one else has bothered to ask:

Grayson wants to totally break down society so it can be rebuilt by black activists. They want to burn it all down and start fresh.

We previously reported on some of the demands of this “movement” – They demand abolition of the police and courts, demand separate black doctors and nurses in hospitals… they demand reparations. The demands are not slogans, they are demands. ‘Do it our way or face the consequences.’

While the lame Seattle Mayor thinks of this situation as just a bunch of hippies having fun, some serious issues are roaring toward the city: a separate security force, and a mass exodus of businesses. There goes the tax base.

Residents and business owners who live near CHOP have hired the private security company Homeland Patrol Division Security to help protect them and their businesses.

[Note: why did the anarchists change the name from CHAZ – Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone to CHOP? Capitol Hill Organized Protest? Because it’s illegal to have an autonomous zone in the United States, but not an “organized protest.” Sooooo were they concerned that the military might rain on their parade?]

One business owner, Joey Rodolfo, was interviewed on Fox and stated:

“We have reached a point here in Seattle where I call it, we are now a utopian socialist city, honestly, on the backs of all of us, of all outside taxpaying citizens.

Downtown has been decimated. All you see is plywood, particle board. Stores opened up and there is no chance that this town will soon come alive again. Although if you talk to the mayor, she’ll tell you that’s our goal here. But I’ll tell you, this is, you know, things couldn’t get crazier…

…Speaking for myself and for other friends that have either restaurants or other businesses. I can tell you that Seattle is going to experience a mass exodus.” 

The radical agenda of the CHOP leaders is anything but funny, as Seattle could soon find out.

Featured photo: screenshot via Ami Horowitz


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